A growing number of UK bookmakers have added a cash out feature to their site in recent years and this has enhanced the betting experience for the majority of punters. Here at Mansion Bet, we’ve taken a detailed look at how to take advantage of this extremely useful function. 


What is Cash Out?  

If you’re a regular punter in the UK, you are likely to be familiar with the concept of being on the wrong end of a heartbreaking late twist. Your bet may appear to be a winning position, however, a potential late equaliser or a late rally from the opposition ends any chance of collecting your winnings. Thankfully, cash out is the antidote to the situation that has just been described as this service gives you the chance to collect some of your potential winnings before the event has concluded.

It is particularly popular with accumulator punters as cash out gives you the chance to collect a portion of your winnings to ensure that your multiple bet isn’t scuppered by the last match on the list.

How does Cash Out work?

The most popular time to utilise a bookmaker’s cash out service is in-play. Once an event gets underway, the value of your bet will be continously updated in your betting slip and the value will depend on a variety of factors including the amount of time left and the current result.

Punters can either choose to accept the current value and potentially lock-in a profit (or minimise a loss) OR they can let it ride for a little longer and wait for the value to potentially increase.

Once you have clicked cash out, the bet is closed and the amount shown on your betting slip will be added to your balance.

How is a Cash Out calculated?

Cash out is automatically calculated by the online bookmaker and there are a number of factors which can affect its value. If your bet is in a winning position and there are just 15 minutes left on the clock, then you are likely to be offered a far higher cash value. Likewise, incidents such as injuries and dismissals can also significantly affect the value of the cash out.

If there is significant pressure from a particular player or team, this may also be factored into the value of your bet.

All of these will be taken into account and will be reflected in your cash out value.

The option to cash out may become temporarily unavailable if something significant such as a VAR check or an injury break is ongoing. 

Cash out has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is one of the key betting features that we factor into our bookmaker reviews. We’ve put together a list of the most notable cash out bookmakers in the UK and take a closer look at their current offering.  

Rhino Bet  

Rhino Bet

Rhino Bet is one of a handful of new UK operators who have launched in 2021. As a result, they offer an extremely polished and user-friendly sportsbook.

Although their list of sports could potentially be expanded and the desktop may occasionally slow down your browser, there is lots to like about this relatively recent addition to the UK betting market.

Rhino Bet do offer a cash out function and this can be accessed on both the desktop site and mobile app. They make it straightforward to access your betting slip. This can be easily located on the right hand side of the screen.

✔️ Pros: Easy and straightforward cash out service

Cons: Auto Cash Out and Partial Cash Out unavailable 

Star Sports  


Star Sports has been operating for a number of years at various racetracks around the UK, however, their online betting site has only recently gained traction and it has quickly become one of the most reliable operators on the market.

Star Sports may be strongly associated with both horse racing and greyhound racing, yet they still have ample sports listed on their site and there are always plenty of live betting opportunities available.

Although it isn’t available on every single sport, Star Sports do offer a functional cash out service which has proven popular with punters.

✔️ Pros: Cash out is available on the majority of live betting events, and is always available on televised sports such as football and NFL. One of the best cash out betting sites.

Cons: Cash out isn’t available on all sports and may something be suspended on lower-profile events.  


Sportingbet UK

SportingBet have been taking wagers from UK punters for over two decades and have established themselves as one of the most reliable operators in the country.

As well as offering a generous welcome bonus, they also have markets on a variety of sports and several exciting features, including cash out.

Not only do Sporting Bet offer a cash out service, they have also added an Auto Cash Out and Notify Cash Out service. These enable busy punters to potentially make a profit even if they aren’t able to keep across the match or continuously check their cash out value. The former will automatically complete the cash out transaction for you when your value reached the preset criteria, whereas the latter will send you a notification to update you of the current value.

✔️ Pros: Notify Cash Out and Auto Cash Out functions are excellent additions

Cons: App can occasionally glitch preventing smooth cash out transactions  

How We Rank Cash Out Betting Sites 

Here at Mansion Bet, when it comes to compiling our list of best UK bookmakers, we always tend to look more favourably on cash out betting sites. Our rankings are meticulously assembled to ensure that you can quickly locate and sign-up for the best and most reliable operators currently available in the UK.

Although there are a number of other factors such as payment methods, sports coverage and welcome bonus which undoubtedly play an important part in the decision making process, we also tend to focus on the availability of key features such as Live Streaming and Cash Out.

Sites which allow punters to cash out their bets across a variety of sports will be upgraded, whereas bookmakers who offer regular cash out opportunities on season-long wagers (or ante-post bets) will be given an extra point or two.

We tend to favour sites who have a reliable cash out system. We tend to upgrade betting sites who offer a cash out service that doesn’t routinely crash or become suspended without good reason. The cash out function is likely to become suspended if there is a significant change or a moment of controversy in a match, however, some lesser betting sites are guilty of failing to reopen it, much to the frustration of UK punters.

We like betting sites who offer punters the chance to cash out multi-sport accumulators as well as those who are fair with their calculated values.

Finally, sites such as Sporting Bet who have added Partial Cash Out, Notify Cash Out and Auto Cash Out will score extremely highly with us. These extra features help to greatly enhance the overall betting experience.

Why would a sportsbook offer a Cash Out?

UK Sportsbooks have added a number of features in recent years in order to help attract potential punters and allowing them to continually evolve.  
Cash out is likely to attract more punters to placing live in-play wagers knowing that they can opt out and collect their winnings at any given stage.

In fairly cynical terms, UK betting sites are hoping that punters accept a cash out value which is significantly lower than the potential outcome, thus saving them a fair amount of cash.

Cash out is a great way to accept a lower payout and acts as a bit of safety blanket when it comes to ambitious multiples. Betting sites offer this service as it is likely to persuade more UK punters to place accumulators with them on a semi-regular basis. 

Why should I take the cash out? 

Cash out is a sort of agreement between punter and bookmaker and allows you to take your winnings early as well as avoid a potential loss.

There are variety of reasons why you should utilise the cash out function:

  • If you’ve placed a pre-match wager and suddenly have a change of heart, the bookmaker will allow you to cash out before the start of the event. You may hear some injury news or begin to doubt your own prediction, cash out is a handy way to alleviate those pre-match doubts.
  • If you’ve placed a pre-season or pre-tournament ante-post wager and you begin to have concerns about the team/players’ ability to complete the job. Perhaps there is an injury crisis or a key player has left the club. Perhaps your tennis player has picked up a knock. In this case, you’d be wise to cash out and either accept a small profit or a minimal loss.
  • If you’ve opted for a weekend accumulator and you have just one game left to play. In this instance, you can cash out and accept the profit. This enables you to relax and prevents any potential last-gasp disappointment. If your matches are spread across a number of days, you can check your cash out value between games.

As a punter, you must weigh up your options and decide whether it is worth cashing in on your bet. Assess the situation and if you’re feeling confident, it can often be best to leave it alone and wait for a far greater return. We’ve put together a list of cash out pros and cons.

Cash Out Pros
Cash Out Cons
You can avoid the frustration of unwanted last minute drama
If things aren’t going your way, you can often prevent the loss of your entire stake
If pre-season or pre-tournament bets begin to look doubtful, you can secure some sort of return prior to its conclusion
If you have realised that you’ve made a mistake with your pre-match wager, you can now cash out a bet and choose an alternative market.
If you opt to cash out on your accumulator, you may be left frustrated if your bet wins and you’ve accepted a significantly smaller return
Your cash out value may not reflect the true value of your bet
In fast-paced in-play sports such as tennis, the market fluctuates wildly and it may be difficult to accept a cash out value before the state of play changes again.
Bookmakers may suspend certain markets from cash out without warning. You may also find that your cash out value become unavailable during controversial or significant moments

How to Cash Out a Bet

It is extremely straightforward to cash out your bet. You can check your cash out value at any point by accessing your betting slip. This is often located on the right hand side of the desktop site or at the bottom of the mobile app.

Some betting sites will ask you to specifically click on ‘Cash Out’ in order to view your current status.

You can click ‘Cash Out’ or the value of your wager. If your event is live, this may take 5-10 seconds to process. If the value of your wager changes, you may be asked to try again. Once the process has been completed, this will be added to your betting balance.  

Different Types of Cash Out 

Although the traditional cash out feature is available with the majority of online betting sites, there are a number of different options and before signing up for an account, it’s always worth checking which cash out services are offered by your chosen operator.

➯ Full Cash Out

As soon as you accept and confirm a full cash out, your wager is complete. Using this function, you can lock in a return regardless of the outcome. You can relax and enjoy the rest of the game without worrying about any unexpected twists and turns. Cash out is available on pre-season or pre-tournament bets too, so once you have cashed out a bet, the wager is immediately closed.

If you’ve backed France to win the World Cup, you may decide to cash out at the semi-final stage of the tournament and make a decent profit regardless of their subsequent progress.

➯ Partial Cash Out

Many bookmakers, including Sporting Bet, also allow you to take a portion of your winnings whilst leaving the remainder of your stake in-play. If your wager wins, you will receive the rest of your winnings once the event has concluded. Many betting sites will have a slider which can be adjusted to choose the amount that you’d like to cash out. This is a great way to lock-in a profit whilst ensuring that there is some excitement remaining.

➯ Other Types of Cash Out

  • Auto Cash Out – Set an amount that you’d happily accept and leave the betting site to automatically process your cash out once it reaches this value.
  • Notify Cash Out – The bookmaker will send you a notification once your cash out has reached the pre-agreed value. You can then decide whether to accept or reject this.
  • Multiples/Accumulator Cash Out – If your first few selections are successful, you can accept a cash out at any stage and avoid the frustration of seeing your accumulator downed by a single team or player.
  • Futures/Ante-Post Cash Out – If you have a pre-tournament or pre-season fancy, you can cash out at any stage and accept the bookmakers’ valuation. This is particularly handy if your chosen player or team begin to show signs of decline.
  • Pre-Game Cash Out – You can cash out on your pre-game wager if you have a sudden change of heart or you realise that you may have placed the incorrect bet. Many bookmakers will allow you to cash out for your full stake.

What bet types can’t be cashed out?

Although the majority of betting markets and sports are now available for cash out, there are some bets which cannot be collected until the event has concluded.

Some bookmakers will not allow you to cash out boosted or enhanced prices whilst some Asian Handicap markets aren’t eligible either.

Each-way bets aren’t eligible for cash out whereas football bettors cannot use this service on a small number of markets including Draw No Bet.

If you’ve placed a live in-play wager, these may be suspended if there is a controversial or significant moment which could impact which may substantially impact the result.

Pre-season wagers or ante-post bets may also become unavailable whilst several fixtures are taking place simultaneously. 

Cash Out Sports and Markets

Cash out has become increasingly popular over the last few years and as a result, the number of eligible markets and sports has grown substantially.

This may vary between cash out betting sites, so it’s always worth checking the FAQ page upon signing up for an account.

Football tends to be the most popular sport with cash out bettors, however, it is also possible to use this function other sports including: tennis, basketball, American Football, golf and snooker. Boxing and eSports fans can also cash out if they find themselves in a winning position.

There are hundreds of different markets available for cash out and when it comes to betting on major competitions such as the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA Champions League, punters can choose from various options including extra time and penalty markets.

If you’re an outright bettor, you can cash out on a variety of markets including Top Six, Top Four, Group Winner, Stage of Elimination and Straight Forecast.

American Football fans can choose from a variety of markets including 1st Quarter Money Line and Match Spread.

Darts punters can also choose from a wealth of options including Match Result, Set Winner and Match Treble.

If you’re a fan of horse racing, you can also cash out on a variety of markets including To Be Placed, Not to Place and Race Winner. Horse Racing accumulators can also be cashed out between races.

Cash Out Tips

Light BulbWhen it comes to successfully utilising the cash out function, there are no right or wrong answers. Sport is completely unpredictable and one of the most exciting facets of live in-play betting is that everything can change in a matter of seconds. Timing is absolutely essential.

You can improve your chances of success by simply doing your homework. Check the statistics and have a look for teams or players who tend to falter during the latter stages of fixtures. Make a mental note of these teams and ensure that you use the cash out function if they find themselves in front. On the flip side, if your chosen team or player tends to thrive when out in front, then it is probably worth seeing it through to the end.

Many of the best online betting sites with cash out also provide stats on all live in-play events, so it’s always advised to keep across the latest data to ensure that you are making the best possible decision.

If you have any reservations about your wager, then it’s strongly advised to cash out and use your betting balance on a different market.

Cash Out T&Cs and Restrictions

It’s important to remember that when it comes to the cash out feature, there are several terms and conditions that punters must adhere to.

As we’ve already outlined, the best cash out betting sites will offer ample markets and sports each and every day, however, they also have numerous markets which aren’t eligible. It’s always best to check before you place a bet.

In horse racing, each-way bets aren’t eligible whereas football bettors cannot cash out on Draw No Bet markets.

The cash out betting site has the right to withdraw or reduce the value at any stage and they may also suspend this at any given moment.

If one of your fixtures is postponed or cancelled, then cash out will become unavailable unless kick-off has been moved back by 24-48 hours. If prices aren’t available and you decide to take a price at SP, this will be ineligible for cash out.

If there is an unexpected break in the match or the players are removed from the field/court then cash out markets may also be suspended in this scenario.

Some cash out betting sites will also remove this function if you have used a free bet to place your wager. However, this may vary between operators. 

Cash Out FAQs

Why is my Cash Out Suspended?

There are a plethora of reasons why your cash out value has been temporarily suspended. If you have wagered on a pre-season accumulator or pre-tournament parlay, then your cash out value may become unavailable during match-days. However, it is likely to return upon the conclusion of these fixtures.  
Markets may become suspended during significant stoppages in play, or if there is a controversial moment or an incident which has been referred to the video analysts.

Significant injury breaks or players leaving the pitch may also result in cash out values being temporarily suspended.

If one of your selections has been suspended or postponed, this may also result in punters being unable to cash out a bet.

In most cases, the suspension will last for no longer than a few minutes.

Bookmakers reserve the right to withdraw their cash out service at any point.  

Can I Cash Out my free bet? 

Some online betting will not allow punters to cash out their free bets. However, operators who do permit this practice will remove the free bet stake from the total cash out value. It’s always best to check with the bookmaker prior to placing a bet.  

Can I reverse my Cash Out?

Once you have clicked cash out, you cannot reverse the decision. Once they have been confirmed, no further action can be taken.

However, many punters choose to wager a portion of their winnings on the original outcome to cover any potential disappointment.  

What happens if one of my matches is postponed?

If you’ve placed an accumulator and one of your matches has been postponed, then cash out will become unavailable. However, if the game has been moved and the bookmaker still offer a betting market on this fixture, then the cash out value is highly likely to remain available until all legs has been completed.

Will my Cash Out bets count towards wagering requirements?

Although some sites which allow you to cash out a bet are a little more lenient in their approach, the majority of betting sites do not count cashed out wagers when it comes to fulfilling wagering requirements.

If you are part of a bookmakers’ loyalty scheme or you are working your way towards claiming a welcome bonus, then it’s always best to check the terms and conditions before clicking the cash out button.

Only bets which reach a natural conclusion will count towards your weekly wagering total.  

What is Auto Cash Out? 

Although Auto Cash Out is popular with punters who tend to use betting exchanges, it has also become commonplace amongst online sportsbooks.

This function allows you to set a pre-determined cash out value and your winnings will be collected if it reaches this point. This is an excellent way to ensure that you won’t miss out on collecting your winnings if you aren’t able to check your phone or follow the progress of your bets.