About Cashback Casino Bonuses

Cashback is a term you probably hear being thrown around a lot. But what exactly is a cashback casino bonus? How does it work? And where can you find the top cashback bonuses?

Find out all you need to know in this cashback casino bonus guide.

Best Casinos Cashback Bonus Offer


VIP monthly cashback

Reach Platinum, Premium or Prestige on the Heyspin loyalty program to receive monthly cashback.

AllBritishCasino Review

All British Casino

10% cashback 

Play at All British Casino for a permanent cashback bonus, awarding you 10% back on losses from the previous day. 

Hyper Casino

Hyper Fridays

Existing members will be treated to a new offer every Friday, including cashback.

Playluck Casino

Monthly cashback

Get paid cashback on the third Monday of each month.


VIP cashback

Join the loyalty scheme to claim cashback each month on any losses.

What is a Cashback Casino Bonus?

Many casino sites offer players a cashback casino bonus, but it’s not always the most prominent casino bonus. Yet perhaps it should be.

Cashback casino bonuses award you money back on any losses you make at a casino. Perhaps that’s why they’re not as well-advertised as they should be; you only make use of cashback bonuses on losing sessions, and that’s not something casinos want to make players think about.

Although they’re usually referred to as casino cashback bonuses, you may also hear the name refund bonus. They’re interchangeable and both refer to the same casino bonus.

The simplest way to summarise a cashback casino bonus is to think of it as a kind of insurance on losing casino sessions.

How cashback bonuses work and how to claim them

Light BulbCashback offers can come direct from the casino or from a selected software provider. For example, you might get offered 10% cashback on losses on Starburst across all sites. Or you can get 10% cashback at a specific site like All British Casino across a range of slots.

Sometimes, cashback will be applied automatically. And sometimes you’ll need to opt in. In either scenario, you’ll have the cashback added direct to your account. For instance, if you receive 10% cashback on all monthly losses and you end up £35 down on the month, you’ll be paid £3.50 in cashback. This will bring your monthly losses down to £31.50.

Cashback Bonus Offer Types

Cashback is quite a straightforward offer and as such it’s similar at most casino sites. But there are a few variations which you should know about:

↪ Welcome bonuses with cashback

It’s not especially common, but you will sometimes find casino welcome bonuses coupled with cashback. 

↪ Casino cashback bonuses

Cashback can be offered as a one-off or recurring promotion for existing players at a casino.

↪ VIP cashback program

Frequently, higher-ranked members of casinos’ VIP programs will receive more lucrative cashback benefits.

↪ Cashback and free spins

On occasion, you’ll receive some free spins bundled in with your cashback. 

Difference between a welcome bonus and cashback bonus

A welcome bonus can be anything, but it usually consists of a meaty first-deposit bonus and, sometimes, free spins.

Cashback casino bonuses require you to have already played at the casino in order to be claimed, as it is literally cash back on your losses.

However, boosted cashback rates are sometimes included as part of a welcome bonus, so the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Difference between cashback and top up 

A top-up bonus, also known as a reload bonus, is a special offer from a casino site which rewards you when you deposit. For example, a 50% top-up bonus on a £50 deposit would award you £25 in free casino chips.

Cashback casino bonuses don’t award you anything for depositing, but for playing (and losing). They’re two different types of casino bonus entirely.

Casino Cashback terms & Conditions

All casino cashback bonuses must have the terms and conditions clearly displayed. There are some casino sites which include terms that make it harder to cash out, but most casino cashback bonuses have no hidden loopholes.

Make sure you do check out the key terms so that you’re fully aware of any important terms. For example, some casinos will only award cashback to players who have a certain minimum or maximum balance. And it’s normal for cashback to be capped at certain limits, too.

Are there any wagering requirements?

You’re less likely to find wagering requirements attached to cashback casino bonuses than you are for first-deposit bonuses, free spins and so on.

The reason for this is that, by the time a casino site is awarding cashback to a player, it has already made profit. Therefore, there is less incentive for the casino to safeguard its investment and more reason to encourage the player to return to the site.

Benefits of Cashback Casino Bonuses

Cashback casino bonuses are extremely beneficial with very few drawbacks.

Cashback can boost your bankroll and extend your time at the tables, and the wagering requirements are often non-existent.

Cashback bonuses may not seem very glamorous due to the fact that it’s simply a portion of your money back rather than actual profit. But that just proves what a great bonus it is. After all, how often does a casino ever willingly return money it’s won from you?



Is it possible to withdraw a cashback bonus? 

Yes, many online casino cashback bonuses can be withdrawn instantly. However, some of them will come with wagering requirements, so check the T&Cs to be on the safe side. You’ll find them in the ‘Promotions’ section.

What is the difference between a welcome bonus and cashback bonus?

A welcome bonus is a one-time offer for new players which usually includes a first-deposit bonus. A cashback bonus returns a portion of your losses at a casino site in a day, week or month.

Are cashback bonuses instant? 

No, cashback is rarely instant. Instead, you will usually receive your cashback reward at the end of a day, week or month. Instant cashback would be difficult for casinos to calculate and administer.

Do cashback bonuses have wagering requirements?

The majority of cashback casino bonuses will reward you with a portion of your losses back with no wagering requirements. Some do have wagering requirements – but they’re usually very low, so they’re still useful.

Do all casinos offer cashback?

No, not all online casinos will offer you a cashback bonus. If you want to find the best UK casinos which also happen to offer players cashback, you can see our experts’ recommendations in this guide.

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