Top NFL Betting Sites for 2024

American football is a sport that originates from the combination of soccer and rugby. It is called American football because it is predominantly played in America and some parts of Canada. It consists of league games contested by different professional teams. The most exciting and celebrated competition in American football is the Super Bowl. 
The National Football League (NFL) is the body that coordinates American football. They organise an annual championship league game called the Super Bowl. It is the final game of the NFL season and has been a tradition since 1966. It is a competition between the best teams of the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League. The winner is awarded the celebrated Vince Lombardi Trophy.  

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American Football Betting Sites UK Review

American football is becoming increasingly popular as a spectator sport in the United Kingdom. This can be attributed to the NFL's idea to play some of their matches in London. Consequently, American football betting has become a rapidly growing section of the UK gambling market.

Due to this increase in popularity, we’ve reviewed a whole host of NFL betting sites and have featured the best ones in this article. We also review other leagues worldwide, including Canadian and NCAA College football. Read on to find out about the best American football sportsbooks. 

Top Betting Sites Bookmakers

As a fan of a sport, one of the ways to take advantage of your passion for the game is through betting. This allows you to win real money alongside the fun you have watching your team play. However, it is essential that you choose the best online sportsbook to get yourself the best odds on the market.

Making the right decision depends on the information at your disposal. Since betting on American football is a relatively new concept to many UK punters, you may need an expert guide on the best platforms to consider. After much research and evaluation, we came up with a list of the five best NFL betting sites, which you can find below.



This bookmaker has been in the UK gambling industry since 2003 and has maintained a good reputation during that time. It has over 1 million registered users in the country, which is expected to grow now that it has betting offers on American football. 10Bet gives newly signed-up players a welcome bonus of 50% on their first deposit up to £50. The best American football betting types associated with this brand are highlighted as follows:

  • Outright betting
  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Pre-match betting 

Planet Sports Bet 

Planet Sport Bet

Planet Sports Bet is another fantastic bookie you can consider one of the best NFL betting sites. The platform has a section dedicated to all NFL offerings throughout the season, including the Super Bowl Competition. There are also a lot of exciting promotions to benefit from while engaging the various markets. You can place several bets, such as:

  • Moneyline
  • Outright
  • Prop bets
  • Total points 



Another outstanding bookmaker for American football betting is BetUK. This platform was established in 2012 and is fully licensed by the UKGC. They offer multiple welcome offers, including a £30 free bet when you deposit £10 as a new player. There are over 400 markets that can be utilised and different betting options, such as:

  • Moneyline
  • Total spread
  • Outright
  • Total points 


Coral Bet

Coral Bet is one of the longest-standing betting platforms in the UK, as it was established in 1926. It is now one of the best betting sites for NFL, as it has integrated American football into its wide selection of sports betting offers. Besides the £20 bonus, you can also engage in live and pre-match betting. Here are some of the available betting options:

  • Moneyline
  • Outright
  • Pre-match
  • Point Spread  



One of the most trusted American football betting sites is Ladbrokes. You can enjoy a variety of betting options, including staking on Super Bowl games. They offer good odds and a welcome bonus of £30 when you deposit £5 as a new punter. Here are some betting options you can try out on the platform:

  • Outright
  • Moneyline
  • Point Spread
  • Prop bets 

How Do We Rank The Best American Football Betting Sites?

It is essential that we let you know how we came up with our selection of the best NFL betting sites. This is to give you the sense of reliability that following our recommendation will keep you safe from bogus platforms. Here are what we considered while selecting the platforms that made our list:

Betting Odds

This is a crucial factor for everyone who wants to engage in sports betting. The American football betting odds in the UK must be rewarding enough to attract punters in the United Kingdom. There are over 50 different bookies in the UK that allow betting on American football, but what distinguishes them is the chance of winning. As such, we ensure that each of the sites that made our recommendations has the best American football betting odds.

Betting Options

There are different types of bets on American football betting sites and options available to punters can vary from site to site. While some allow only a few betting options, others allow a good number of selections for their users. The benefit of betting on American football platforms that allow a wide range of betting options is that you have a better chance of winning. As such, we ensure we recommend the sites with the bets American football betting options

Bonus Offers

There is one way to encourage people to place bets on your platform, and that is by offering them a bonus. We ensure that bookies on our recommendation list offer a wide selection of generous bonuses for you to enjoy. We evaluated the promotional betting offers available on the platform and how much of a benefit they could be to UK punters.

Live-streaming options

We are of the opinion that American football betting sites should be able to offer additional and add-on services for gamblers. One of those services is a live-streaming option, which allows you to follow the game from your device. As such, we make this part of our consideration when choosing the best NFL betting sites. 

How To Start Betting On NFL Games

Since this is new territory in the UK gambling space, it is possible you haven’t figured out how to bet on American football. This section guides you through the steps needed to start placing your bets, so follow the steps below: 

  • Choose your preferred NFL betting site -  As it has been said, there are a number of American football betting sites to choose from. However, to start betting, you must find the best site for your gambling needs. We offer a number of recommended sites in this review, so why not check one out and find one you like?
  • Sign up for the betting site - There is a need for you to register on the betting platform to start placing bets. The law requires all licenced betting sites UK to register everyone who gambles on their platform and provide KYC documentation. As such, you need to provide details about yourself to create an account and start betting.
  • Make a deposit - Betting on American football is done with real money. This means that you must make a deposit with the bookmaker before you can start placing bets. There are various banking methods integrated into those platforms that help with deposits and withdrawals, such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and many others.
  • Choose your matches and place your bet - You can now go to the betting site's NFL section to choose matches and make the necessary predictions. You can review the odds and place as many bets as the bookmaker allows.

American Football Betting Tips And Strategies

Betting can generally be considered a game of luck and probability. Nevertheless, there are ways you can increase your chances of winning. This is simply done by engaging in specific American football betting tips and strategies. While these strategies do not ensure you will win, they may give you a higher chance of winning.

So, if you want to learn more about how to bet on American football, take a look at our tips below.

  • Find Your Favourite Team: Betting on American football is always more fun if you bet on your favourite team. If you don’t have a favourite team yet, you can find one by evaluating the performance of each club over the years in the league and in Super Bowl games. You can now choose the best clubs and focus your bets on them until you have mastered the whole league. This strategy helps you maximise your limited knowledge of the sport as a new gambler from the United Kingdom.
  • Make Use Of The Handicap Betting System: Outright betting is beautiful, but you can increase your chances of winning using the handicap system. This means that instead of betting on a team to win outright, you can give one team a head start and bet on the result with that head start included. This betting style helps you get better odds on huge favourites and makes it more likely an underdog will win.
  • Take Advantage Of The Over/Under Betting Style: Another proven strategy for reducing your risk and increasing your chance of winning on the best betting sites for NFL is to explore the over and under-betting methods. This works by allowing you to predict the range of total points to be scored by the two teams in a game. For instance, if you predict over 30.5, the total points scored must be 31 or above to win. Similarly, in a prediction of under 40.5, the point must not exceed 40 points if you must win.
  • Consider betting on College football: College football is an interesting part of the American League. It is a semi-professional American Football league and has been integrated into some American Football betting sites. It is easier to predict matches in this section since there is less pressure but more scoring opportunities. There are also more teams involved than in the professional league, giving you a wide range of options to explore. 

American Football Bonuses And Promotions

Bonuses and PromotionsThere are different types of promotions available when using American football betting sites. Here are some bonuses you can get: 

  • Deposit Bonus - Some NFL betting sites offer a deposit bonus when you make your first deposit after signing up. This offer is usually a matched deposit bonus that rewards you with bonus funds that match a certain percentage of your deposit.
  • First Bet Bonus - This is a promotional offer given after you place your first bet. If you lose the bet, you will be given the bet amount as a bonus credit.
  • No Deposit Bonus - This is a rare bonus type in the American football league. It is a promotional offer to get new users to sign up and try out the vetting site. You don’t need a deposit to earn it.
  • Cashback - This is another promotional offer aimed at keeping bettors on the platform. You will be rewarded with a percentage of your deposit back in cash at the end of a set period. 


The NFL is home to the best American Football sports betting action. Thirty-two teams compete every year, chasing Super Bowl glory and fame.

For the betting fan, it’s a prop-filled journey of opportunity. Here are some of the exciting American Football bets you can enjoy

  • Outright Winner: The classic bet – which team will win the league? Bet the favourites or try your luck on an outsider. At MansionBet, we show you where to find the best places to bet on American Football.
  • Each-Way: Betting on your favourite NFL team to reach the Conference final or Super Bowl are two ways to make each-way bets on American Football. If your team makes it to the Super Bowl, you win. If it is victorious, you win again. Result!
  • Moneyline: Bet on individual games with an outright bet, known as the ‘moneyline’ market in American sports betting. Draws are rare in American Football but not unknown, although a winner usually emerges.
  • Spread Betting: Also known as line or handicap betting. The ‘line’ is a very commonly used term in American football betting. If team ‘A’ has a +6.5 line, that means it has a 6.5-point advantage to win an even money bet.
  • Over/Under: This is another regular bet and is fairly simple. It’s a bet that the total number of points scored in a game will be over or under a certain amount. For example, the over/under on a match could be 35.5 points. Will the score total be over or under? (note: it’s always a decimal point to avoid a draw).
  • Exact Score: No points for working out what this bet entails. A good return but quite an ask - can you guess the exact score of an American Football game?
  • Accumulators: Usually called parlays in American sports betting, these are the multiple, accumulated bets that give you a lot of bang for your betting buck. A small wager and some long odds can lead to a tasty return.
  • NFL MVP Odds: Who will be the Most Valuable Player? The winner is announced 24 hours before the Super Bowl. The jury is a group of more than 50 sportswriters. Can you pick the cream from this year’s NFL crop? 

The NFL is where the core of the betting action is, but MansionBet shows you where to find the best sites for wagering on all American Football competititons worldwide. 

American Football: MAIN EVENTS


American Football dominates the sports landscape in the United. Only baseball, basketball and ice hockey come close. Every year, the Super Bowl attracts a massive global television audience. It is the jewel in the NFL crown.

Other key events in the American football calendar include the Draft and the post-season play-offs. These make for volatile betting markets where shrewd players can score some big wins.


College (NCAA) Football also attracts a huge following. It’s the equivalent of lower league soccer. The action is less calculated, full of youthful energy and inexperience, creating markets with more opportunities for the serious player.

The college season climaxes with a series of play-off games called Bowl games, after the stadiums they are played in. The Rose Bowl is the main event. Even at college level, the team payout is usually several million dollars.


Although most Canucks are obsessed with ice hockey, the Canadian Football League attracts a loyal following of fans. Nine teams compete in the CFL and the season ends with a competition to win the Grey Cup.

Many gamblers prefer the ‘off-Broadway’ betting of the NCAA and the CFL. Less researched and more specialised, it’s where the aficionados of American Football can really make their plays. Study the form, if you want to win big.

College Football Playoff
National Championship
NFL Playoffs
January - February
Super Bowl
January - February
NFL Combine
NFL Draft
CFL Season
June - November
College Football Season
August - December
NFL Regular Season
September - January
CFL Grey Cup

NFL Live Betting

Another exciting way of betting on American football is by exploring the live betting option. This bet type allows players to bet on a game while the match is on. This seems to be a good idea for most punters since you already know what the game looks like; therefore, predicting at the time can be easier.

For instance, if the 49ers and the Patriots are to play a match together, the bookmakers will give odds that indicate both teams' chances of winning. However, as the game unfolds and reality sets in, the odds begin to change, and punters have the opportunity to place new bets. The only limitation is that sometimes, the odds of live betting can be lower than the ones offered in pre-match betting. 

Best NFL Betting Apps

Mobile User ExperienceNow that mobile betting is prevalent, learning about betting apps you can use on your mobile devices is essential. These apps are alternatives to bookmakers' websites and offer betting services, including NFL games. Similarly, they save you from the hassle of visiting a bookmaker from your PC before engaging in a game. As such, it becomes easier to place a bet, follow up on your bet, and withdraw your winnings anywhere and anytime. 

Almost all bookmakers have betting apps you can use as an alternative to their site. Here are some of our recommended NFL betting apps

  • 10Bet - One of the most reliable American football betting sites is 10Bet. The bookie encourages mobile betting by creating an app that can be installed on your mobile device. It is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple Store for iOS devices. 
  • BetUK - Another outstanding bookmaker that offers you a seamless betting experience is BetUK. The app is also available and can be installed from the Google Play Store and Apple iOS. It is easier to use and navigate, just like the main website. 
  • Ladbrokes - Instead of visiting the main website, you can download the Ladbrokes app on your device. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. You only need to visit the appropriate store to download and install it. 
  • Planet Sports Bet - Another impressive NFL betting site is Planet Sports Bet. The only limitation is that there is only a mobile app version for Android devices. iPhone and iPad devices can only visit the website to use the service. 
  • Coral - This reputable UK betting platform also has an app version that can be installed on various devices. You can find it on Google Play and Apple Store. The app is easier to navigate and offers a seamless betting experience. 

American Football Betting Odds

Betting OddsUnderstanding how American football betting odds work is vital for gambling effectively. If you are new to it, you must learn the odds system and how it works. To explain it correctly, we will need to illustrate it to you using a table. 

Date/Time Rotational Number Team Point Spread MoneylineTotal 
Sep 5 10149ers -9.5-400 37.5 
2:00 102Patriots+10+32537.5 

The table above shows how most bookies organise American football betting odds. The rotational number is used to identify each team and is the same across all sportsbooks. The Point Spread indicates the favourite team and the underdog. The team with a higher chance of winning has a negative spread, and vice versa. If you are using a point spread bet on the 49ers, that means they must win with a total point of 10 before you can win, and if you bet on the Patriots, they must win outright or lose less than the spread for you to win. 
The money line betting means that you will need to wager £400 on the 49ers to win an additional £100, while you need to wager £100 on the Patriots, the underdog, to win £325. You can also use the total odds for bet types like over/under-betting. 

Banking And Withdrawal

Familiarising yourself with your betting site's banking methods is equally important. Generally, the following are the most commonly used payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals: 

  • Card Payment - This lets you make deposits and withdrawals using your credit/debit cards. It is one of the most popular online transaction methods on betting sites. Popular cards are MasterCard and Visa.
  • Bank Transfer - This traditional transaction method transfers money into and out of your bank account. Some betting sites allow you to use this method. However, it has a limitation, which is the long processing times when withdrawing your funds.
  • E-wallets - You can also use e-wallets for deposits and withdrawals at the best NFL betting sites. It is one of the most popular options, as it is swift and secure. Popular platforms include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. 


Are there bonus offers on NFL betting websites?

Yes, some betting platforms offer new and returning users different promotions. Welcome bonuses, cashback, matchups, and other rewards are available at different times. All our recommended platforms offer generous bonuses when you sign up. 

What is the best betting type for the NFL?

There are different types of bet options when staking on NFL games. We may be unable to indicate a specific betting type as the best. However, you have to figure out which option is most suitable for the game and the circumstances that surround it. We recommend exploring under/over bet types, handicaps, and point spreads. 

How much is the minimum deposit on NFL betting sites?

The minimum deposit can vary from one platform to the other. You may need to read the T&C to find out about it. However, it is usually between £5-£10. 

How do I withdraw my winnings?

After placing your bets, you can cash out your winnings using any withdrawal options on the betting site. You can withdraw into your bank account, e-wallets, or other options. 

How do I get the best odds?

Odds can vary from one betting site to the next. You can compare odds and then choose the best sites to bet on. However, you must choose a reputable platform to avoid becoming a victim of fake sites that lure people with huge odds.