Zetbet Cashout: Secure Your Winnings or Limit Losses

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Zetbet Cashout: Secure Your Winnings or Limit Losses
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BET £10 GET £10

Football is the main sport where punters like to cash out, but at Zetbet, you can also use the cashout function on tennis, cricket, and basketball. Both single bets and multi bets can take advantage of cashout at Zetbet, perfect for when a game is not going how you thought it would.

All bets with a stake of at least 10p are valid for cashout on the selected markets providing the price of your selection was at least 1/10 (1.10). As with all bets that can be cashed out, there is not always going to be a profit for doing so, but sometimes it is a great way to limit a loss just as much as it is to take a bit of a profit part of the way through an event.

There are no do-overs here - once you press the button to cash out your bet, there is no way back, so only press if you are sure that cashing out your bet is the way you want to go. As with all cashout functions, if the price changes while your bet is being cashed out, you may need to try again at the new price once the market is back up and running. 

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