Highbet Live Betting: Place Bets During the Match

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Highbet Live Betting: Place Bets During the Match

Find out more about the live betting feature at Highbet, which lets you place wagers after an event has begun.

Highbet Review
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Highbet Live Betting Feature

Live betting is not the most unique feature at betting sites in the modern era, but it’s certainly an important one. Sites like Highbet allow players to place bets after an event has begun, and for many players this is now the primary way they bet. 
But there are lots of important factors when it comes to live betting. What are the odds like? Are there any tricky T&Cs? And how easy is it to navigate the actual site to place these live bets? 
Find out more below in our review of live betting at Highbet

How to Use Live Betting at Highbet 

To place a bet after the event has started, here’s what you can do: 

  • Head to Highbet 
  • Log in and select a sport from the top menu 
  • You’ll automatically be shown any live events 
  • Click on the symbol with a ‘+’ sign and a number to see all live markets on a particular match 
  • Click on the bet you want and input your stake to lock it in 

Highbet Live Betting T&Cs

There aren’t many tricky aspects to placing a live bet at Highbet. In most ways, it will operate exactly like a regular bet.

You will notice that the betting options sometimes disappear when trying to place a live bet. This is usually because a significant event appears to be occurring, so the bookies suspend betting until they can see what’s happened.

The layout at Highbet has some interesting colour choices, and may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it is easy to navigate. If the odds change, you’ll see a small green or red colour pop up in the corner of the market, showing you that the odds have just increased or decreased. 

Highbet Review
BET £10 GET £15

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