Sports Betting News: Scrapping of FA Cup Replays Sparks Furious Backlash

Michael Black
Michael Black
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Sports Betting News: Scrapping of FA Cup Replays Sparks Furious Backlash

The six-year agreement between the FA and the Premier League will see replays completely removed from the equation in the FA Cup. 
The move has sparked fury, with the English Football League (EFL) and numerous clubs claiming they were not consulted about the decision. 
Read on as we look at this hugely controversial development before highlighting the impact it could have on football betting sites


  • FA blasted over controversial cup decision.
  • Clubs threaten FA Cup boycott.
  • Betting industry will be impacted.

EFL Blasts the FA and Premier League

The EFL says the move to scrap FA Cup replays is ‘frustrating and disappointing’ and has indicated it was not involved in making the final decision. 
The move ends 150 years of tradition and further devalues a competition which has a special place in the hearts of football fans worldwide. 
Replays are a hugely important part of the FA Cup, giving smaller clubs the opportunity to make additional revenue and potentially upset the odds against big teams. 

Clubs Could Boycott the FA Cup

Numerous clubs waded into the row about replays, with several releasing hard-hitting statements condemning the controversial decision. 
Many clubs suggested the move was ‘short-sighted’ and would deny clubs and fans at grassroots level access to vital television and gate money from replays. 
Some clubs have gone a step further by suggesting that a mass boycott of the competition would force the FA and Premier League into a rethink. 

Scrapping Replays Impacts the Betting Industry

The decision to scrap FA Cup replays will impact the UK betting industry, with sportsbooks denied the chance of offering odds on these popular fixtures. 
One of the most exciting elements of the competition is the ‘David vs Goliath’ matches it often generates, which are massively popular with sports bettors. 
Punters will now be denied the chance to place wagers on replays, thus diminishing their overall enjoyment of betting on football.