Sports Betting News: Online Betting Sites Continue to Grow

Michael Black
Michael Black
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Sports Beting News
Sports Betting News: Online Betting Sites Continue to Grow

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has published its Q2 report covering the period July to September 2023.

This is traditionally Q3 but is the UKGC’s second quarter reporting period and covers data from both online and land-based operators in the UK.

Read on as we look at the key takeaways from the report before assessing some of the other major stories from the sports betting industry.


  • UKGC report highlights shift in bettor habits.
  • British racing launches affordability checks petition.
  • Sportradar reports strong third quarter.

Punters Move Towards Online Betting

Online gross gambling yield (GGY) totalled £1.2 billion in Q2 2023 - a 0.6 percent year-on-year increase on the same reporting period last year.

The number of active users increased by 7%, further highlighting how bettors are increasingly shifting towards using UK betting sites.

By contrast, the GGY from licensed land-based betting operators in the UK decreased by 0.4% to £539 million in Q2 2023.

British Racing Continues to Rally Against Affordability Checks

Jockey Club chief executive Nevin Truesdale has created on online petition urging the UK government to cease the introduction of intrusive affordability checks on bettors.

The petition, launched on behalf of the racing industry and its customers, argues the checks are ‘inappropriate and discriminatory’ and risk pushing bettors to the black market.

A recent survey found that more than half of the 14,000 racing bettors questioned about affordability checks would walk away from horse racing betting sites if they were introduced.

Sportradar Links with Betting Industry Pay Dividends

Sportradar’s growing links with the betting industry have helped the Switzerland-based company continue its upward trajectory during Q3 2023.

The sports technology and data specialists reported quarterly revenue of €201m, an increase of 12% on the €178m recorded in the same period last year.

An 18% increase in the sales of live odds and data products to betting sites was the primary driver for growth over the three-month period.