Sports Betting News: New Premier League Deal Improves Betting Insights

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Michael Black
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Sports Betting News: New Premier League Deal Improves Betting Insights

Sports bettors who love in-play betting have been handed a boost after the Premier League agreed a new deal to enhance its data and statistics offering in live broadcasts.

The new link-up with Genuis Sports will have a significant impact on the information punters have available to them when they are watching live games.

Read on as we look at what the deal entails, before assessing some of the other major stories from the sports betting industry.


  • Premier League enhances data offering.
  • English clubs support responsible gambling service.
  • Horse racing set for betting industry windfall.

Premier League Pens Deal with Genius Sports

Premier League Productions (PLP) has agreed a new partnership with Genuis Sports which will provide fans with enhanced data insights when they are watching live games.

Using ‘data driven augmentations and rich tracking data insights’, PLP broadcasts will now feature an integrated Premier League Data Zone viewing mode.

The live statistics will enable fans to make more informed in-play wagering decisions when they place bets on Premier League games on football betting sites.

English Clubs Back Responsible Gambling Platform

English football clubs from all four professional divisions have shown their support for Gamstop – the UK’s independent responsible gambling scheme.

The company ran an extensive social media campaign, which was supported by numerous clubs including Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers.

Gamstop plays an important role in ensuring UK betting sites provide customers with the tools they need to protect themselves from gambling issues.

Bookies Set to Pour Record Funds into Horse Racing

British horse racing is set for a major windfall from the betting industry next year, with the cost of media rights expected to increase by around £30 million.

Operators of horse racing betting sites and high street shops will collectively pay £315.2m for the rights in 2024 – a significant hike on the £285.3m figure this year.

With levy payments, advertising and sponsorship also in the mix, the betting industry’s support of horse racing is crucial to its ongoing sustainability.