SBK Cash-Out: End Your Bet Early & Secure Your Winnings

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SBK Cash-Out: End Your Bet Early & Secure Your Winnings

Find out how to use the cash-out feature at SBK. 

SBK Betting
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SBK Cash-Out Feature

SBK is a modern betting site which boldly speaks about ripping up the rulebook, and a big part of that means solid features such as cash-out. 
The cash-out system is well-explained at SBK, which you’d expect with their customer-centric approach. A lot of betting sites offer a cash-out option these days, yet the experience differs drastically from one site to another. This includes everything from usability to odds. 
So, how does the cash-out feature at SBK compare to other betting sites? Find out more below.

How to Use Cash-Out at SBK

If you want to cash-out a live bet at SBK, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Visit SBK and log in 
  • Place a bet 
  • Go to ‘Open bets’. If there are any eligible bets there, you’ll see the cash-out value in green 
  • Tap ‘cash out’ 
  • If your cash-out request is accepted, you’ll receive your winnings in seconds 

SBK Cash-Out T&Cs

Once you hit the cash out button, you do have to wait a few seconds before it works. For horse racing, this is four seconds. For football, it’s eight. This is a tad annoying, but pretty standard across sites which offer cash-out. After all, if they paid out in absolute real time, they’d open themselves up to exploitation.

You can cash out on all types of markets and events. That includes in-play markets. 

SBK Betting
Bet £10, Get £30 in Free Bets