LiveScore Bet LS 'Squads': Build Your Team, Score Cash with Every Goal

Scott McGlynn
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LiveScore Bet LS 'Squads': Build Your Team, Score Cash with Every Goal

LiveScore Bet's exclusive LS 'Squads' is a free game where players can build a team of five players and earn cash each time they score in the listed matches. Players can reveal one player each day, and the cash bonus they receive for each goal scored is determined by a prize wheel spin after the final player has been shown. 
Here are the steps on how to play LiveScore Bet's LS ‘Squads': 

  1. Go to the LiveScore Bet website or app and click the 'LS 'Squads' tab. 
  2. Click on the "Start Playing" button. 
  3. Reveal your first player by clicking on the "Reveal Player" button. 
  4. Return at the stated time to reveal your next player. 
  5. Once the final player has been revealed, the prize wheel will spin to determine the cash bonus you will receive for each goal scored. 

Here are some tips for playing LiveScore Bet's LS ‘Squads': 

  • Choose players who are likely to score - Look at the players' recent form and the upcoming matches to see which players will likely score. 
  • Diversify your team - Don't choose all your players from the same team. Instead, try to spread your players across different teams and leagues. 
  • Be patient - You don't have to win every day to be successful. Just keep playing, and eventually, you will win some cash.