Betzone Welcome Offer: Get Up To £60 in Free Bets

Ricky Davis
Ricky Davies
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Betzone Offer
Join Betzone and help yourself to up to £60 in free bets.

Betzone Welcome Bonus Details 

Sign up to Betzone and get ready for up to £60 in free bets, depending on the size of your wagers. 
The welcome bonus free bets at Betzone work on a sliding scale, meaning players who bet more will receive a bigger bonus. But that also means you can bet less and still receive some free bets, which is a great way to make the offer accessible to all brackets of players. 

How to Claim the Betzone £60 in Free Bets Offers 

Here’s how you can claim free bets when you join Betzone:

  • Visit Betzone 
  • Enter your email address and create a password, then click ‘Welcome to Betzone’ 
  • Fill in your remaining details to create an account 
  • Deposit £50 or more 
  • Place qualifying wagers of £50+ 
  • Receive up to £60 in free bets and up to 50 free spins 

Betzone Welcome Bonus T&Cs 

Compared to other betting sites with free bets, the Betzone offers may seem a touch confusing – but it’s all pretty straightforward. Here’s how it works, including the key terms you need to be aware of:

  • Place 5 x £10+ bets at odds of evens or higher 
  • Receive £10 in free bets

Pretty simple, right? The next bit has a few more variables, but basically, the more you bet, the more free bets you’ll receive:

  • Place 10 x bets of £10-£19.99 to get £10 in free bets 
  • Place 10 x bets of £20 - £49.99 to get £20 in free bets 
  • Place 10 x bets of £50+ to get £50 in free bets and up to 50 free spins

Winnings are capped at £500, so bear this in mind – especially if you’re considering going for the higher end of the free bets. Additionally, free bets expire after a week, so make sure you use them before they disappear.