AK Bets Features: Listen to the AK Bets podcast!

AK Bets
AK Bets Features: Listen to the AK Bets podcast!
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Boost your betting info and get top tips from the AK Bets podcast.

AK Bets Podcast Details

Features at AK Bets and other online betting sites are important, as they help a site stand out from the crowd. And there are few things more impactful than a site which has its own podcast for players, which is exactly what you’ll find through the AK Bets podcast.

Before we had time to listen to the AK Bets podcast, we made sure to approach it with caution. After all, the bookie never wants you to beat them – so why would they give away valuable tips?

What we found was that the AK Bets podcast is a legitimately useful feature which not only provides free betting tips, but also helps listeners think about betting in a strategic way.

You can read more about this interesting feature of AK Bets below.

How to Listen to the AK Bets Podcast at AK Bets

You can listen to the AK Bets podcast for free

  • Visit Apple Podcasts, or use the links provided by AK Bets
  • Type in ‘AK Bets Podcast’
  • Select an episode and listen for free

AK Bets Podcast Offer T&Cs

As this is a free podcast, there aren’t any T&Cs you need to be aware of specifically. But it’s good to know some background as you go in.

Firstly, the podcast is provided by AK Bets, which means you should assume a certain degree of bias. For example, they’re never going to tell you that you can get better odds at a rival bookmaker.

The podcast is hosted by Peter Ling and AK & Joe Lee, who interview famous faces linked to the sporting and betting industries. Podcasts are around an hour in length and are sometimes released weekly, but with some significant breaks between episodes. 

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