Toronto Maple Leafs Odds

Arguably the NHL’s most beloved hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs were in the original six and are one of seven teams that reside in Canada. 

Our experts at MansionBet give an in-depth Leafs betting guide including betting strategies, popular wagers, Leafs odds, top NHL betting sites, and how to sign up.

Toronto Maple Leafs Betting Guide

If you are looking to bet on the Maple Leafs or the NHL in general, then you have come to the right place. No matter how much hockey knowledge you have, betting can seem intimidating from the outside looking. We are here to make things as simple as possible for you, breaking down everything you need to know before placing a wager. 

Popular Leafs Betting Markets and Wagers

If you are looking to bet on the Leafs but unsure what exactly to place your money on, then you have come to the right place. Here are a few of the most popular Leafs betting markets explained. 


The most important thing to understand about the moneyline is that all you are betting on is which side will win. The most common moneyline bet involves the entire game, but the best sports betting sites will also give you the option to place moneyline wagers for each period.

The difference with these wagers is that ties can occur, resulting in a no bet and you receiving your money back. For the standard full game moneyline, a winner will always be decided as overtime and shootout are included.

Example: Leafs (-180) vs. Panthers (+155)

Puck line

A slight variation on the moneyline, puck line bets add in goal differential stipulations to even the playing field between teams of different skill. In the NHL, puck line odds are almost always set at -1.5/+1.5, meaning the favourite (-) must win the game by two goals and the underdog (+) must either win the game or lose by one goal. 

Example: Leafs -1.5 (+135) vs. Panthers +1.5 (-155)


If you are looking to place a wager on a game but lack confidence in either side winning, then totals are a great alternative. The standard total line is the projection for what both teams will combine to score in the entire game. Overtime is included and one goal is awarded to the winning side in a shootout. 

Example: Leafs vs. Panthers over 6.5 (-115) / under 6.5 (-105)

Both teams must combine to score seven goals or more for the over to hit and both teams must combine to score six goals or less of the under to hit.

Totals are not limited to the complete game. You can also place totals wagers on specific periods or bet on the over/under for a specific team (Leafs over 3.5 goals at +110). 

Player Props

Short for proposition bets, the introduction pf prop betting has made betting opportunities seem endless. Some examples of NHL player props including over/under bets for points, power play points, assists, shots on goal, and blocked shots. 


  • Austin Matthews anytime goal scorer (+140)
  • Mitch Marner points over 1.5 (-120) / under 1.5 (-110)


Maple Leafs odds are not only available for the current day’s game – you can also place wagers on events that will be decided in the future. This can include season award winners, the Leafs to make the playoffs, the Leafs odds to win the series, odds for the Leafs to win the Cup, etc. Futures are essentially long-term investments – odds will shift over time and cash out opportunities will be presented to you.

How to Read Leafs Odds/Lines?

Reading Toronto Maple Leafs betting odds and looking at Leafs betting lines may seem intimidating and confusing at first, but we can assure you this is a simple process that you can easily understand.

Let’s start with money line wagers and use the Leafs (-180) vs. Panthers (+155) as an example. The minus (-) sign next to the Leafs odds indicates that they are the favourite and the plus sign next to the Panthers indicates that they are the underdog (+). In this example we are using American odds which is the most common system, followed by the decimal system and the fraction system.

Using the American system, the odds for the favourite represent how much you need to wager to profit $100 while the odds for the underdog represent how much you will profit if you wager $100. If you are betting in much smaller portions, you can move the decimal place over once to the left and look at things in $10 terms instead. In the above Leafs example – if you bet $18 on the Leafs you would profit $10. If you bet $10 on the Panthers, you would profit $15.50.

Next, let’s look at Leafs lines for puck line bets. In the NHL, these are almost always set to -1.5 for the favourite and +1.5 for the underdog. The decimal place may be confusing, but it is only put in place to ensure that ties do not occur and result in a push (no bet, money back).

If the Leafs are the favourite, they must win the game by two goals or more for your bet to win. If the Leafs are the underdog, they must either win the game or lose by a one goal differential for you bet to win.

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Trophy Watch

One of the most common futures bets in hockey involves predicting season awards winners. Here are some of the awards that the Leafs are currently in the conversation for. 

Conn Smythe Trophy

The Conn Smythe is awarded to the most valuable player to his team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The award has never been given to a player whose team did not reach the final series and has only been awarded to a member of the losing team five times.

Mitch Marner and Austin Matthews are the most likely Leafs players to receive the award, each ranking behind only five other players at +1600. 

Frank J. Selke Trophy

This is awarded to the forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game. Mitch Marner was named a finalist for the award this season.

Hart Trophy

Awarded to the league’s regular season MVP, Connor McDavid is the heavy favourite to receive this honour. Auston Matthews opened the season with the best odds on the Leafs to win the award, looking to repeat after a 60 goal 106-point performance.

Jack Adams Trophy

Awarded to the top coach of the regular season, Sheldon Keefe managed the Leafs team to a 50-21-11 record good for second in the Atlantic division. He ranks 10th in odds for the Jake Adams at +1600.

Norris Trophy

Awarded to the league’s top defenseman, Morgan Riley was the top threat for the Leafs to win the award, but missing 17 games this season left him well out of contention.

Vesina Trophy

Awarded to the league’s top regular season goaltender, the Bruins Linus Ullmark is a heavy favourite to receive the trophy. Leafs goaltender Ilya Samsonov had a solid season, but is not in the conversation for this award.

Toronto Maple Leafs Predictions

The loyal fanbase has remained for the Leafs despite not winning the Stanley Cup since 1967 and failing to win a playoff series since 2004 with six straight first round exists heading into the 2022-2023 season.

That streak was finally broken with a 4-2 series defeat over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now that the Leafs have finally broken the first-round curse, here is how they stack up for the remainder of the playoffs.

Stanley Cup

With the Boston Bruins and Colorado Avalanche each being upset in round one, the Leafs Vegas odds currently sit at +500 to hoist the Stanley Cup as NHL champions heading into the second round. Eight teams remain, and they sit behind only the Edmonton Oilers who are the current Stanley Cup favourites.

Eastern Conference Champion

Four teams remain in the Eastern Conference. The Leafs will play the winner of the New Jersey Devils vs Carolina Hurricanes series if they can get past the Florida Panthers. The Panthers just snuck into the playoffs – besting both the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Buffalo Sabres by one point – and went on to defeat the Boston Bruins who had the best record in the NHL.

Leafs Betting Strategy

Everyone has their own strategies and preferences in sports betting and there is no one right answer to how to win money. There are lots of advanced statistics and algorithms that seasoned sports bettors use, but here are some simple tips and tricks that we recommend using to take full advantage of everything the sports betting market has to offer. 

How to Get the Most Out of Toronto Maple Leafs’ Betting Lines

To maximize your return for Leafs betting, here is a list of things we recommend:

  • Always check the injury report and factor that into your decisions. 
  • Look at past head-to-head results between the two teams you are betting on. 
  • Take scheduling into consideration – one side may be much more rested than the other. 
  • Take advantage of live betting to obtain more favourable odds based on events that have already taken place. 
  • Use the Cash-out feature if things get too risky and the offer is worth it.
  • Odds in betting are everything – look for the most favourable prices rather than the most likely results. 

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for Leafs Vegas Odds?

Welcome bonuses give you an excellent opportunity to build a solid betting bankroll quickly without investing a large amount of your own money. There is no limit to the number of books you can sign up for, so obtaining bet credits and playing on multiple books is a great way to limit the amount you spend and increase your return on investment.

To find the best welcome bonuses, make sure to check out our top sportsbook bonuses page. We recommend only activating the top bonuses available since you can only obtain a welcome bonus once per sportsbook. If that company decides to improve their offer significantly in the future, you will not be able to take advantage of it. 

In order to find the best welcome bonuses, don’t just read the headlines they advertise and sign-up. Make sure to read the terms and conditions as some companies have stipulations that make their bonuses much worse than advertised. 

Take Advantage of Promos and Odds Boosts

Once you have signed up for a sportsbook and obtained their welcome bonuses, you can now take advantage of the promotions they offer to existing customers. This includes free bets, odds boost, no sweat bets, etc. 

Shop Around for the Best Leafs Odds

If you have signed up for multiple sportsbooks, a great way to profit more in the long run is looking at the Leafs odds on each website to obtain the most favourable odds.

Some sportsbooks have a reputation for having more competitive odds than others, and by looking at different odds each day you will begin to notice trends. Using an odds widget that compares Leafs betting odds is a great way to save time.

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NHL Format

Before you bet on the Leafs, you need to have a solid understanding the league. Here is a breakdown of NHL regular season format.

The NHL consists of 32 teams separated into two 16 team conferences – the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Each conference is then separated into two divisions of eight teams. The East has the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions while the West has the Central and Pacific divisions.

The Leafs are in the Eastern Conference and Atlantic division along with the Bruins, Lightning, Panthers, Sabres, Senators, Red Wings, and Canadians. Within the division they play five of the opponents four times and two of the opponents three times. They play each team within their conference but not their division three times, and each team in the opposite conference twice.

Points are used to determine the regular season standings – with two points awarded per win and one point awarded for an overtime/shootout loss.

NHL Playoffs Format

The top three teams in each of the four divisions advance to the playoffs. Additionally, there are two wild card teams that make it from each conference, totaling 16 teams. Each round is a best of seven series, and there are four rounds including the Stanley Cup Finals. 

The format for the first round of the playoffs is as follows: 

  • Highest overall Division 1st vs. Conference 2nd Wild Card
  • Lowest overall Division 1st vs Conference 1st Wild Card
  • Division 2nd vs Division 3rd
  • Division 2nd vs Division 3rd

For the second round you play winner of the only other matchup with a team in your division – for the third round you play the only remaining team in your conference – and for the Stanley Cup Final you play winner of the opposite conference.

Top Sportsbooks to Bet on the Leafs

Here are MansionBet’s top places to bet on the Leafs right now. If you live in Ontario, make sure to checkout our Ontario sports betting page as well before signing up.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction

One of the most longstanding and well know Canadian sportsbooks, Sports Interaction is a solid interface for bettors to begin with thanks to a generous welcome bonus and a strong sports betting market. The book has made recent efforts to adapt to its top competitors by introducing an app, but it still lacks in some areas such as available player props. 

125% Welcome Bonus up to $250


Betway Canada

A well know brand worldwide, Betway is a great overall interface with a solid NHL betting market. Unlike for some other sports such as basketball, they do lack in terms of players props for the NHL.

100% Deposit Bonus Up to $200



After partnering with Austin Matthews, it comes as no surprise that Bet99 is one of the best Leafs betting markets available. They have an excellent selection for both Leafs player props and futures.

First Bet Encore up to $1,000



With some of the best features in the industry including bet builder, same game parlays, and player props, 888Sport is a top option for betting on Leafs games. They have an excellent mobile app, a large welcome bonus, and great ongoing promotions, but a very small NHL futures market. 

100% Bonus Up to $300 +$10 Casino Bonus on Your First Deposit


PowerPlay is well established brand but unfortunately for us they do prioritize their casino over their sportsbook. They have solid futures options, but a limited overall Leafs betting market compared to the top competitors.

100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500



A well know and trusted Canadian sport betting brand, Bodog has a great Leafs betting selection. They offer a solid amount player props, but lack in terms of available futures. A nice touch the company has added is head-to-head stats when you click on an NHL matchup.

$400 Welcome Bonus


LeoVegas Canada

LeoVegas is one of the most rapidly growing sportsbooks in Canada. They have an excellent Leafs betting selection that includes player props and decent futures options. Their mobile app is far superior to the website experience.

$50 in Bonus Bets when you bet $25


Being owned by poker star Tony G makes the fact that this company operates as a casino first and sportsbook second no shock. Their futures market is solid compared to the industry standard, but the overall Leafs betting market is lacking and does not include player props.

100% Up To C$350

Betting Features

If you are searching for the best sportsbook in your region, here are some of the best features available right now. 

Live Betting

The ability to place wagers as a game is taking place has revolutionize the sports betting world. Odds update by the second, and you can place wagers on events that are occurring in real time either at the game, out on the go, or while watching the game from the comfort of your own home. 

Live Streaming

Some sportsbooks also act as a streaming service, allowing you to watch games on your mobile device. Most sportsbooks that offer this service don’t even require you to wager on the event you are watching – you just need to reach the minimum account balance threshold that they require.


While cashing out is not always the most optimal long-term option, it is a great feature to have, and comforting knowing you have the option to back out of wagers for a smaller loss or smaller gain if things get to risky. 

Same Game Parlays

Once viewed as an exclusive feature, the option to place same game parlays has become more of an expectation than a bonus over the past year. This allows you to combine multiple wagers from the same game into once betting slip and increase your potential payout.

NHL Promos and Odds Boosts 

Some sportsbooks are much more generous than others, and while welcome bonuses are highly advertised and easy to find online, promos and odds boosts are oftentimes only advertised to existing customers. Taking advantage of these offers when it makes sense is a great way to increase your bankroll, so choosing a book that is known to post plenty of offers is essential.

How we Rank Each Sportsbook

If you are curious on how we generated the top list of sports betting sites for Leafs betting, here are some the most important factors we consider. 

  • NHL Markets - Every sports book doesn’t cover each sport equally, so we have identified which websites have the largest markets specifically for betting on the Leafs. Markets include futures bets, player props, team props, and NHL specific promotions.

  • NHL Odds - Odds tend to vary based on which sportsbook you visit, but some companies have a reputation for consistently providing better NHL and Maple Leafs odds than their competitors. We have gone through and identified those and factored that into our ranking process.

  • Sign-Up Bonuses - If two sportsbooks offer nearly identical services, then the strength of their welcome bonuses is what will separate them apart. If you play your cards right and take advantage of this offer, you can make a solid amount of bonus credits and turn that into real cash quickly without putting up a large investment.

  • User Experience- We believe sports betting should be looked at as a past time and a way to increase the excitement of sporting events. If it is causing you stress and turning into a second job, then it may be time to look for a new service. Your sportsbook should be quick and responsive, have a simple sign on process, and be easy to navigate.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods - Winning wagers is hard enough, so when you do win and you are looking to withdrawal your money, that shouldn’t be a difficult process as well. Some sportsbooks will have a simple deposit system but make withdrawing much more challenging, so we value companies that offer a large selection of banking methods highly.

  • Customer Support - When things go wrong, being able to speak to someone quickly is a great feeling. Sportsbooks that make your issues a priority with 24/7 customer service over the phone, email, or though chat rooms on their app/website are highly regarded here at MansionBet.

How to Open an Account?

Once you have chosen a sportsbook for Leafs betting, follow these basic steps that apply to each sportsbook in order to create an account. 

  • Locate your sportsbooks welcome promotion and click on the link to sign up for an account.

  • Enter in the personal information required and follow the instruction on the screen – some sportsbooks may require a promo code to obtain their welcome offer.

  • Once you have successfully entered in all the information click sign-up and you should receive a confirmation email.
  • Now that your account is created, you need to deposit money before you can place a wager.
  • Some sportsbooks require a minimum deposit to obtain their bonus so make sure you have read their terms and conditions. This is not required if you do not wish to obtain the bonus.
  • Locate the deposit button on the app/website and choose your preferred banking method that is offered.

  • Enter in the required banking information and select the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Once you click deposit you should receive a conformation email and be able to view the amount applied to your account balance shortly.
  • Now that you have a balance on your account, feel free to place wagers on the Leafs and any addition markets as you please.

Maple Leafs Team Info

Here are some fundamental team facts for Maple Leafs bettors to be aware of. 








Scotiabank Arena

TV Coverage

Sportsnet, TSN

General Manager

Kyle Dubas

Head Coach

Sheldon Keefe


Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment

Division Championships


Conference Championships


Presidents Trophy’s


Stanley Cup’s


Top Players

If you are looking to get to know the team, here are some of the top players the Leafs currently feature.

Austin Matthews

Last season’s regular season MVP, Matthews has taken the league by storm since the Leafs selected him with the first overall pick in 2016. 

Mitch Marner

The Leafs fourth pick in the 2015 draft, Marner is an exceptional two-way player and the best playmaker on the team.

John Tavares

The first overall pick in 2009 by the New York Islanders, Tavares signed a seven-year $77 million contract with the Leafs in 2018. He is the team’s Captain and has been one of the league’s most solid and consistent producers since his debut.

William Nylander

The Leafs eighth overall pick in 2014, Nylander has gone through ups and down in his career but has proven he is one of the league’s top offensive players with 80 points or more in each of the last two seasons.

Morgan Riley

The top defenceman for the Leafs and one of the best leagues wide, Riley was selected by Toronto with the fifth overall selection in 2012 and has two seasons with over 50 assists and one with 20 goals to his name.

Ilya Samsonov

Goaltending was a concern for the Leafs heading into the 2022-23 season following the departure of Fredrik Anderson in 2021 and Jack Campbell last season. They ended up getting great performances out of both Matt Murray and Samsonov who ended up claiming the starter role.

He was acquired from Washington and produced the best season of his career at age 26, posing a 2.33 GAA and .919 SV%. 


Is it legal to bet on the NHL in Canada?

Yes. NHL betting is legal in each Canadian province if you are above the legal age requirement of 19. If you are over the age of 18 and present in Alberta, Quebec, Ottawa, and Manitoba then you are also allowed to place NHL wagers.

What are the most popular Leafs bets to make? 

The moneyline, puck line, totals, player props, and futures are the most popular Leafs betting markets.

What are the best features am NHL sportsbook can offer?

Live betting, live streaming, cash-outs, same game parlays, and promotions are the top features to look for before choosing a sportsbook.

Did the Leafs make the playoffs?

Yes. Toronto made the playoffs for a seventh consecutive season and made it past the first round for the first time since the 2004, defeating the Lightning in the series 4-2.

When was the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup?

The Leafs have not won the Stanley Cup since 1967. At 54 seasons, this is the longest drought in NHL history.

Who are the Leafs top players?

Austin Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares, William Nylander, and Morgan Riley are five of the Leafs top players.

Who are the Leafs goaltenders?

Ilya Samsonov, Matt Murray, and Joseph Woll are the team’s top three goaltenders.