New Betting Sites in Canada

Are you tired of your current bookie? Are you searching far and wide for the best bookmaker online?

Luckily, we've done the work for you! Canadian betting sites are plentiful, and we've made a dedicated list to help you find the best and newest bookie for your needs!

This page is dedicated to informing Candian bettors on how to choose the right bookmaker and why you should look at new betting sites as a sports book destination! is the page about, it can be written as a statement, or it can be the user’s questions and their answer.

Top New Sportsbooks

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Lucky Koala
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Sports Interaction
Sports Interaction
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Betway Canada
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Bwin Canada
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LeoVegas Canada
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ComeOn Canada
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Shangri La
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The Benefit of Joining New Betting Sites

I wouldn't be shocked if a bettor decided to join an established betting site over a new betting site. I mean, it makes sense. New betting sites tend to not have a huge player base or are working out kinks. That isn't to say that huge bookies don't deal with issues, either. However, there is a reason certain bookmakers have stayed atop the game consistently. They quickly became a trusted site for gambling and provided an entertaining betting experience that had customers coming back.

But what if I told you there are benefits to joining a promising sportsbook? I consider it like this: Canada has three major telecommunication companies that dominate the mobile phone scene. However, we're seeing new mobile companies pop up across the nation to support Canadians and provide options for their cell phone, internet and home plans. Granted, these companies use the telephone lines from the major three, but that's a discussion for another day. My point is: If new mobile companies can appear and be of use to Canadians, then there is some validity in potentially joining a new betting site over an established site.

The reasons below justify a potential leap over to a new site. It may not be for everyone, but new sites should be taken into consideration! 

  • Bonus and Promotions: I think it's safe to say that bettors love bonuses and promotions. The knowledge of therefore new betting sites tends to offer some of the better promotions on the market. Betting promotions are a great way to attract new customers.

    Bettors want a deal and bonuses help them get value for their picks. By browsing different sportsbooks, you can compare the bonuses and promotions offered between betting sites. While not every new betting site offers the best promotions, you can scope out some great deals and promos.

    What's great is that you can usually take advantage of these bonuses as a new customer and when you are an established bettor, there will be promotions to take advantage of as well. Look at new bookies around March Madness, the Super Bowl or any major sporting event. This is a great way to see unreal promotions as the market is hot and new betting sites want your business.
  • Attractive Odds with Greater Value: I consider the boosted and enhanced odds a part of the honeymoon phase with new bookies. The launching of their site is the wedding, and the first few months are the honeymoon. And what better way to celebrate your honeymoon than boosted odds and greater value for betting lines?

    This stage may not last forever and we may slowly see the lines move towards similar offerings of the big sports books, but the initial attraction of better odds could be enough to reel in a player and help them remain loyal.

    Sportbooks know they are competing against a plethora of companies, so this attractive model can help create chatter and drive players to join their sites. It's a smart tactic and one bettors should be looking out for. If they can consistently offer better odds than the top bookmakers, chances are they will see an increase in sign-ups and deposits.
  • Huge Number of Payment Methods: When researching new betting sites and their appeal to customers, I was floored by the number of payment methods offered for bettors. Of course, you have the usual suspects like Interac, Debit and Credit. But new sites are embracing Crypto like never seen before. Also, there were dozens of eWallets I had never even heard of!

    One this is certain: new betting sites want to ensure you can play with their site. They don't want a lack of payment options to block you from registering and depositing. Payments offered are an important factor of a new betting site and right now, the scene has a ton of interesting ways to pay and play.
  • Technological Advances: The future is now and if sportsbooks don't adapt, they die. Okay, that may be a little harsh, but the truth is that as technology advances in our everyday life, customers want to see how technology changes in sports betting.

    Honestly, you'd be shocked to learn about the number of established betting sites that don't offer a dedicated betting app for users to play with. Your only options are to play on their desktop version or a mobile version of the site. That isn't uncommon but it's interesting to see how many new betting sites offer a mobile app right out of the gate. This shows that new betting sites are aware that everyone has a phone in their pocket, which means they have an opportunity to gamble.

We're even seeing the implementation of virtual reality into online bookies. Most notably the online casino can attract users that want to feel like they are playing in an actual casino, all from the comfort of their own homes. Betting technology also includes the addition of Crypto as a payment method and live streaming as a perk. These new sites understand what customers want and they provide it.

There are benefits to new betting sites, as outlined above. While they may not offer the prestige as other established sites, it's worth it to give them a chance. Of course, due diligence is required as you don't want to throw money at a random sportsbook.

But if you are happy with the product offered and trust the safety of the site, new betting sites are a great way to find value as a bettor.

Pros & Cons of New Sportsbooks


More Intimate Experience with Fewer Players:

Do you ever feel lost or unimportant playing with a giant bookmaker? Because there are SO many customers on bigger platforms, you may feel like you can't be heard, or your opinions don't matter. New bookmakers tend to have a smaller player base, which means you will feel important as you can easily be heard. This is great for customers that want to feel more valued when joining a sports book, instead of just being a customer. 

Lack of Reputation and Customer Reviews:

New betting sites are stuck in a conundrum. They want users to join their sportsbook, but bettors are weary of providing information and playing with a bookmaker that doesn't have tons of reviews. This is the struggle new betting sites deal with. As a player, you want to trust the betting site you are dealing with. Therefore, bettors may not trust new sites because they don't have a longstanding reputation on the scene. 

Greater Value and Enhanced Odds:

When joining an up-and-coming bookmaker, you may find the site offers enhanced or boosted odds on certain markets. This is one way to draw the attention of a new sports book. This tactic is great because you can get better odds with a new bookie than with an established one. These special little wagers or boosts for their players are well received by customers, which in turn helps create chatter among the betting community. 

Fewer Betting Markets and Bet Types:

While this isn't necessarily true with every new betting site, there is some truth that new online betting sites may not have the deepest selection of leagues and sports available. They normally offer popular leagues (like NFL for example) but might not offer CFL action. The same could be said about the NHL (but not CHL action, which is huge in Canada). Newer betting sites might not have the deepest roster of leagues, markets and bet types. 

Innovating Technological Advances:

The good thing about new betting sites is that they are usually in tune with the newest technological advancements. This can be displayed through the addition of cryptocurrency as a banking option to a mobile app. Some new sites are even offering virtual reality for gaming in their online casino. Older bookmakers may not offer these perks, which is another reason to sign up for a new betting site! 

Shortage of Promotions and Perks:

New bookmakers will offer promotions and welcome bonuses, but it may not be as deep as other bookmakers. We see betting brands like Betway and 10Bet offer tremendous and plentiful promotions. Whether they are sponsored or the bookmaker's own promos, you normally don't see that on new betting sites. Betting promotions will be offered on new betting sites as well but there may not be as many options. 

Potential For Niche Markets:

New bookmakers are dealing with giants in the game. The key to combat these behemoths is to offer something they don't. This could be in the form of niche leagues (like 5th division Soccer) or sports that aren't normally offered, like the Little League World Series and Texas High School Football. Yes, there really is the option to bet on high school football. Anyways, newer bookmakers may offer these niche markets to help stand out from the pack.

Customer Service Options Potentially Limited:

Since the new betting sites are getting their feet wet, customer service options may be limited. Sportsbooks normally have varying methods of customer service options but that may not be the case with new betting sites. Instead, they may offer fewer options as the foundation of their sportsbook continues to grow. This is concerning as players will require assistance at some point.

Every bookmaker will have pros and cons for joining their site. The good news is that (usually) the pros outweigh the cons, no matter what bookmaker you decide to gamble with. New bookmakers tend to receive great reviews because they want to please their player base as they try and grow in the betting market.

Comparing New Betting Sites vs. Established Ones

New Betting Sites:Established Betting Sites: 
Boosted and Enhanced Odds: Do you know what the best method of attracting new users is? Having better odds than your competitors. No matter how green a bookmaker may be, offering better odds than the competition will certainly draw attention and create a buzz. Now, don't fall for something too good to be true! But a new bookmaker will often provide better odds than competitors to create a spark. Endorsed and Backed by Celebrities/Public: Established bookmakers will often find themselves partnering with big names in the world, whether they are athletes or celebrities. This in turn helps create buzz. They also have the finances to sponsor big brands, like the Toronto Maple Leafs or advertise in big spaces and events. These established bookmakers are already well-known and trusted and can drum attention because of their status in the business. 
Potential Niche and Underrated Markets: Every single bookmaker needs popular markets and bet types. These standards are the bread and butter of sports betting. But smaller bookmakers may offer incredible markets like Hot Dog Eating Contests, Board Games, Specials and more! These niche markets create a conversation in the industry and can attract users to sign up. Usually Have VIP Zones/Programs: Because established bookmakers already have a foundation built and longstanding customers, they can afford to create VIP programs. They can also offer perks to their members. That isn't to say that new bookmakers can't do that, either. However, the prestige of being a VIP with a huge bookmaker sounds better than a VIP with a smaller bookie. 
Stellar Promotions and Welcome Bonuses: Sportsbooks want you to sign up and begin playing. But they need to attract potential customers. This is where the bonuses and promotions come in. New bookmakers will often provide great promotions and stellar welcome bonuses to gain traction in the betting community. It's a great way for new bookmakers to get their name out there, because who doesn't like freebies? More Thorough Betting Markets/Sports: Chances are, if you want to play on a specific market (like 4th division Irish Soccer), a bigger bookmaker will offer this. New bookies have an opportunity to do so but established sports betting sites have more punters and more statisticians to create odds for these markets. They take advantage of the revenue they bring in and continue to generate thanks to their in-depth betting markets and bet types. 
More Personal Experience with Company: Because you are gambling with a (presumably) smaller company, you as a bettor will have an opportunity to have your voice heard. It's difficult to change some of the giants in the business. However, if you are one of the early loyal customers, the new betting site you join will feel more obligated to listen to concerns. This is a great way to feel heard and appreciated as a player. Great Customer Service Options: You're going to run into issues when playing online. The good news is that virtually ALL bookmakers offer customer service options. However, the top bookmakers may offer all customer service options compared to a smaller bookmaker. Because bigger sports books have the resources to offer greater customer service options, you will be impressed with their services. Smaller bookmakers may only offer 1-2 customer service options, while established bookies will (normally) offer every significant option.

New betting sites will offer some of the features provided by established bookmakers. However, sometimes it may not be as in-depth as the big bookies. With that being said, if you want a more intimate experience as a bettor with enhanced odds, a smaller bookmaker may be right for you! 

How to Choose a New Betting Site

Those new to the online betting scene may be overwhelmed by the number of betting sites available. There seem to be new sites popping up every day and it’s hard to decide which betting site is the right one for you. We have seen an increase in betting sites, endorsements and the overall acceptance of sports betting over the years, so it makes sense that you may want to get in on the fun. For those looking to make the jump, deposit some funds and begin sports betting, we’ve created a list of considerations for new bettors that will help make their decision easier!

  • License and Regulation: Our goal (when joining a new bookie) is to NOT join a poorly regulated or sketchy website. If we do, we're opening a can of worms. Remember, when signing up you are providing compromising personal and financial data. This means that when registering, we want to confirm that the license and regulator of the bookmaker are legit. Canadians (and Ontarians specifically) can decide which sites are legit based on if they are regulated by iGaming Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Outside of Ontario, Canadian bettors can look for bookmakers that are either licensed/regulated by their specific province or trusted committees like Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Alderney and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
  • Secure and Safe Systems: Like the previous point above, security and trust are HUGE factors when joining a new sports book. We understand that new bookmakers may not have the prestige or trust as other top brands. Still, there are some clues as to whether or not joining a certain sportsbook will be smart. Look for brands that have solid encryption tools. This includes the likes of Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which are used to protect data. Two-factor authentication for your account can help keep your account safe and bookmakers will also display the companies that protect them with online security, such as VeriSign or McAfee. Either way, research what security measures are in place for the brand you are joining.
  • Betting Software: This may be a broad statement, but a TON of the best bookmakers use the same software when hosting an online sportsbook. Of course, there is no universal software used across the industry. However, researching what software the brand is using will do wonders for your betting experience. Once you have uncovered the software used by the bookmaker you are joining, you can Google what other betting brands use that specific software. If you can match up two or three legitimate brands that share the same software, chances are you are going to receive a great experience when betting. Software is integral for a successful online betting site, so make sure you are betting on sites that use the best operating systems.
  • Mobile and App: When we think of betting online, we normally think of gambling on a desktop site. Sports betting using a web browser is still common but we're in the era of mobile sites and mobile apps. Investigating if the site offers a mobile version and a standalone app is a good indication of what the betting site has to offer. While not providing either option isn't necessarily a BAD sign, it's nice to know that you aren't handcuffed to your desktop and can play on the road. Reading reviews for the mobile app (and mobile site) is a good indication of whether the site is legit or not. If the app is clunky, doesn't respond well and is glitchy, chances are you may want to deposit and play somewhere else.
  • Sports Coverage: Unless specifically joining a niche betting site, a variety of sports offered is important. As a bettor, we like plenty of options. Not only does this apply to the actual sports offered but the leagues as well. Using American Football as an example, it’s a no-brainer to see the NFL listed. However, at MINIMUM they should offer College Football (NCAAF) and other popular American Football, leagues. Okay, I understand that those two are the largest, but you get what I am saying! Certain leagues are must-haves (NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, etc.) but you also need to have depth. The surface shouldn’t only be touched as a sportsbook. If you are joining a site, see what sports are covered and the leagues they offer!
  • Variety of Betting Markets: Do not join a betting site that doesn’t offer all of the popular markets. That should be the number one priority when registering. Can you believe that some betting sites don't offer markets such as Prop Bets or Live Betting? I don't know about you, but this is a deal breaker for me. Establishing which markets are available and what sports they are tied to is a great way to review the site before fully registering. Some sites offer certain markets (like Prop bets) for specific sports. While that isn't a deal breaker, we want to see what markets are available and for what sports!
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Not only should you look at the Welcome Bonus for new users, but you should also see what the betting site offers for existing users. Welcome bonuses are nice but eventually, you’ll want promotions and bonuses as an experienced bettor (on the site). You can see what promotions are offered and if they are linked to certain sports only. If you cannot easily identify what promotions are currently ongoing, that could be considered a red flag. We want to feel loved as a new user AND as an existing customer, so let’s make sure the bookmaker we join covers all the bases.
  • Customer Support: This may be bold, but I reckon that at some point during your betting career you’ll need customer support. When choosing a new betting site, ensure they provide the proper services. At a minimum, you’ll want a way to contact the betting site (E-Mail, social media, Live Chat, Phone Number) AS WELL as a FAQ/Help Centre option. I like communicating with a person on their end and the option to browse the Help Centre at my own pace. These are our preferences, but they will help you narrow down some of the best betting sites.
  • Payment Options: Canadian sports bettors need solid payment options. The most popular method of payment includes Interac and Credit Cards. However, betting sites will offer users the chance to deposit/withdraw using eWallets, Cryptocurrency and Wire Transfers. A wide variety of payment options benefits the customer (you) because you are not strongarmed into one method. All legitimate and worthwhile betting sites will offer multiple payment options.

New betting sites can compete with established ones. What’s important when beginning play is to ensure these components are examined. The best betting site for you is out there. But you won’t find the right one without doing some research! And when it comes to your money, exploring the land of sports betting is worthwhile. Don’t just dive in! Make a list of what you value as a sports bettor and compare it to what the sportsbook offers. This can give you a great idea of the partnership between you as a customer and the betting site as your destination for gambling.

Conclusion of New Betting Sites

Overall, Canadians will be happy with the number of online betting sites available to them. They have a buffet of choices, including new bookmakers and established veterans. They will be satisfied with their options and are destined to find a bookmaker that suits their needs.

For those looking to join a new bookmaker, doing your research is important. We provided all of the tools and what you should look for when shopping for a new bookmaker. As much as we love betting, we want to ensure you're staying safe and joining a legit bookie. Using our guide, you can find the best bookmaker for your style.

Canadians, don't fret. There is a ton of gambling action to go around. Stay safe, do your research and most importantly, have fun!


Which sports are popular with new betting sites?

Depending on the betting site you join, the popular sports may vary. New betting sites in Canada will see tons of action on sports like American Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Golf and eSports. Other strong betting followings include the UFC/Boxing, as well as NCAA football and basketball. 

What is the best new betting site for mobile betting?

Some of our picks for betting sites that offer great mobile betting include Sports Interaction, PointsBet Canada and theScore Bet. All three bookmakers accept Canadian players and are legal in Canada. 

Can new betting sites compete with bigger bookmakers?

Yes. While bigger bookmakers may have the advantage over smaller bookmakers, new betting sites can compete with the bigger brands. New bookmakers will feel inclined to attract a user base, so look at new betting sites for interesting markets, welcome bonuses, promotions and more! 

Do all new betting sites have welcome bonuses?

This depends on the betting site you are attempting to join. Most new betting sites will offer welcome bonuses, but we cannot confirm that ALL new betting sites have this feature.

Can I deposit in new betting sites with Crypto?

If the betting site you are attempting to join accepts Crypto as a deposit method, you should be able to do it. Some of the popular methods of cryptocurrency accepted on new betting sites include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.