Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada 2024

Safe betting appsThe world of sports betting has gone mobile. Now, 85% of people in Canada and the United States own a smartphone, and they love to use their phones for gambling. Sportsbooks respond by providing them with online betting apps so they can take their love of betting on the go. If you’re curious to learn what the most popular sports betting apps in Canada are, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explore the major Canadian betting apps and why they stand out below.

Best Betting Apps

Deposit $100, Play with $200
Lucky Koala
Welcome Sport Bonus 100% up to C$100
100% up to C$150
100% UP To $750 + 200 FS
100% Up To C$350
Sports Interaction
Sports Interaction
125% Welcome Bonus up to $250
100% UP TO $150
$400 Welcome Bonus
100% up to C$150
100% UP TO $150
100% UP TO $150
Sports & Casino Bonus 100% up to C$1400
100% Welcome Sports Bonus 100% Up To C$150
100% Up To $150
100% Bonus on First Deposit up to $500
Betway Canada
100% Deposit Bonus Up to $200
100% Bonus Up to $300 +$10 Casino Bonus on Your First Deposit
First Deposit Bonus 100% Up To €100
Bwin Canada
100% Matched Deposit Up to $200
LeoVegas Canada
$50 in Bonus Bets when you bet $25
100% UP TO €25 + €10 FREE BET
ComeOn Canada
Bet $25 Get A $25 Free Bet
First Bet Encore up to $1,000
100% UP TO 150C$
Shangri La
100% sports Welcome Bonus +20 Free Spins
✓ Sport-specific bonus offers ✓ Second chance bets if your first doesn’t hit
200% Bonus up to $1,000
100% Sports First Deposit Bonus Up to $150
100% Bonus up to $300

Exploring the Top Canadian Sports Betting Apps

Betting apps Canada

There are so many things that set a sportsbook apart. One of the biggest is the mobile experience they provide their users. People love their smartphones, and the vast majority of people own one. So why not enjoy mobile betting? The way most sportsbooks will enable bettors to use their platform is through a mobile betting app.

The best Canadian betting apps provide a comprehensive, engaging experience that condenses the joy of sports betting to your phone. Every day, more sportsbooks are adding betting apps to try and give their users an exciting mobile experience that allows them to place bets on the go.

Even if betting apps are a blast, not every sportsbook can support them. Many operators will choose to use a mobile-optimized website instead. This provides users with an exciting mobile experience, although different from an app.

There is no one best betting app in Canada, as all apps are exciting and fun, and everyone’s opinion is different. We’ll explore all you need to know about these mobile options to ensure bettors know everything they need to about mobile betting in Canada.

Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Betting Apps in Canada

Mobile apps aren’t the only way you can bet from your phone. Just about every sportsbook will also provide mobile websites that can be accessed from your phone’s browser. These are smartphone-compatible versions of the website screen designed to look and function on users’ phones.

Both mobile websites and mobile apps can be used on smartphones or tablets. Both are designed to look good on these mobile formats and function intuitively.

But you’re probably wondering if these mobile websites can also be used on the phone; what is the point in getting an app? The answer is slightly complicated, but the main point is that there are some key differences that set apart mobile apps and mobile sites. Let’s explore what they are.

Mobile Website

Mobile App

Can be Accessed Via a Browser on the SmartphoneCan Be Downloaded via the App Store or Google Play Store
Not Stored on Home Screen, Doesn’t Take Up StorageStored on Your Home Screen, Takes Up Storage
No Bonuses for Using Mobile WebsiteOften Bonuses Only Available to Mobile App Users
Will Need to Log Back In Frequently as the Site Doesn’t Store Information as WellTypically Stores Information for a More Customizable, Personalized Experience
Has All the Same Features, Payment Methods, and Markets Available as the Main SiteHas All the Same Features, Payment Methods, and Markets Available as the Main Site

Why MansionBet Recommends a Betting App?

We’ve shown you a quick look at some of the betting sites that we believe have the top sports betting apps, but what makes these sports betting apps stand out? To answer this question, you’ll have to learn a little about MansionBet Canada.

As an operator in the sports betting industry for over a decade, MansionBet knows sports betting inside and out. Now, we’ve turned our focus from running a sports betting platform to helping bettors navigate what is an increasingly complicated industry. We use our insider knowledge and experience to help bettors by providing honest insights into the biggest bookmakers around.

For betting apps in Canada, there is a lot that we consider. We look at sportsbooks from top to bottom. That means their betting offers and markets to their payment methods and more. We consider if they have great coverage for a specific league, like as an NHL betting site. Overall, we want to ensure they are safe, trustworthy, and fun.

MansionBet will do this for sportsbooks ranging from new betting sites to some of the biggest legacy bookmakers in the business. We want to ensure users have a trusted, valuable source of information so they can find the best Canadian betting app that is perfect for them.

To make our list, a sportsbook has to really stand out. We know users trust our advice, and we don’t take that lightly.

Best Sports Betting Apps in Canada

Every sportsbook is different, and every betting app is different as well. Below, we’re providing you with a breakdown of the best Canadian betting apps so you can enjoy your mobile experience with the top bookmakers around.

Sports Interaction App

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is a sportsbook that has been servicing the Canadian market for more than 20 years. If you are going to last that long in a competitive industry, you’ve got to be doing something right. Sports Interaction has become known for its elegant design and intuitive website.

They also have top-notch customer service that makes them a standout for Canadians. Their sportsbook is deep as any you’ll find as well. The one downside here is that the Sports Interaction app isn’t really an app- it is a high-quality mobile optimized website.

Devices: Mobile-optimized website

Top Features for mobile: Excellent web design, live betting

Likes: Looks Great, Can Access All Betting Bonuses

Dislikes: Not Downloadable

You Need to Try Their: Pinata Picks, a fun, and inventive market.

125% Welcome Bonus up to $250

Betway App

Betway Canada

Betway is one of the dominant sportsbooks that has been in the Canadian market for years now. If you haven’t tried this sportsbook, you’re missing out. They have a solid website design and tons of fun features.

Betway has also forged partnerships with many big names in the sports industry, as they have several key sponsorships. Their mobile experience stands out, with a downloadable app available to Android and iPhone users. This is one of the biggest operators in the world for a good reason.

Devices: Android and iOS

Top Features for mobile: Smooth interface, Bet Boosts

Likes: Deep Sportsbook Available from Phone

Dislikes: Limited Payment Methods

You Need to Try Their: Bet Boosts, a feature that gives bettors enhanced winnings.

100% Deposit Bonus Up to $200

888Sport App


888Sport is another sportsbook that has been around in the Canadian market for a while. 888Sport launched in 2008 and quickly found global success and a large Canadian market. There are several reasons for 888Sport’s prolonged success.

One is their excellent web design and color scheme. They have an array of betting bonuses and fun features as well. Their mobile app is also a big standout that is part of the reason for their popularity. It brings all the features and promos of 888Sport to the mobile format.

Devices: iOS App and Android APK

Top Features for mobile: Bet Builder, BetFeed

Likes: Mobile App Has Fun Features, Solid Payment Options

Dislikes: Not an Official Android Application

You Need to Try Their: Bet Builder. Customizable parlay betting from your phone.

100% Bonus Up to $300 +$10 Casino Bonus on Your First Deposit

Bet99 App


A sportsbook that is designed for Canadians, as Canada is the primary market they service. Bet99 partnered with top Canadian athletes, have betting options available for all the major Canadian leagues, and have several fun features that distinguish them to bettors.

The most impactful might be the crypto transactions, which allow bettors to make cryptocurrency bets from their phones. They also have a dedicated Player Props page that lets bettors bet on a huge number of prop markets. It is a fun sportsbook with a quality mobile website.

Devices: Mobile-optimized website.

Top Features for mobile: Player Props, Crypto Bets.

Likes: The Ability to Make Crypto Transactions from Your Phone.

Dislikes: No Downloadable App

You Need to Try Their: Crypto Transactions

First Bet Encore up to $1,000

Bwin App

Bwin Canada

Bwin is another operator that recently entered the Canadian sports betting market. It was founded in 1997 in Austria and had been servicing European markets for years. Now, it is licensed and regulated in Ontario as well, making it an exciting addition for Canadian bettors.

There’s a lot to love about Bwin, but one of the most important things is their massive sportsbook that covers more than 30 sports. They also have fun features such as a parlay generator, as well as an excellent mobile app. 

Devices: Android and iOS

Top Features for mobile: Parlay Generator, Live Betting

Likes: Excellent Design, Deep Sportsbook

Dislikes: Slow Load Times

You Need to Try Their: Parlay Generator. Fun and Customizable.

100% Matched Deposit Up to $200

LeoVegas App

LeoVegas Canada

LeoVegas is an operator that is owned by MGM Resorts International but has carved out its own reputation over the past few years. LeoVegas was launched in 2011, and while they have a desktop version, the goal for them was to capitalize on the rise of mobile technology.

That is why they have one of the most popular sports betting apps around. LeoVegas stands out for having a big welcome offer and fun markets that make them unique.

Devices: iOS and Android

Top Features for mobile: Statistics, Novelty Bets

Likes: Focus on Mobile, Big Offers

Dislikes: App Doesn’t Look Amazing

You Need to Try Their: Statistics Page. Gain Important Betting Information. 

$50 in Bonus Bets when you bet $25

Top iOS and Android Betting Apps

The two primary formats that sports betting app will be geared toward is either Android or iOS user. Not every app runs on both systems, and not every app functions as well on each system. There are some betting apps that shine more for iOS or Android.

If you want to know what are the best sports betting apps? The answer is going to depend on the system you use. Let’s look at the top sports betting apps for iOS and Android. 

iOS Betting Apps

If you are trying to find the best Canadian sports betting app, there are a lot of great options that cater to this format. For those unfamiliar, iOS is the name for the operating system used by Apple. This is the system that powers iPhones and iPads around the world.

Apps that run on iOS can be found on the Apple App Store. From there, bettors can easily download these apps onto their phones, where they occupy storage space. These apps can be arranged into locations on home screens and accessed as bettors please.

✔️ There are a lot of advantages to the iOS system when it comes to apps. It is easy to use, with an interface that is familiar to all. It is also known for its unmatched security, so if you are using an iOS betting app, you can feel very comfortable.

❌ The iOS system doesn’t really have many big disadvantages. The main complaint about this system is that app sizes will typically take up more space than other systems, but this is a marginal complaint.

Best Betting Apps for iOS

Betway Canada
100% Deposit Bonus Up to $200
100% Bonus Up to $300 +$10 Casino Bonus on Your First Deposit
LeoVegas Canada
$50 in Bonus Bets when you bet $25

Android Betting Apps

Android is a big rival to Apple’s dominance over the smartphone market. Naturally, they have a separate operating system that is powerful and effective. The Android operating system hosts many of the top betting apps Canada and has several great aspects to it.

If you want to use apps on the Android operating system, you’ve got to download them from the Google Play Store. This is where all the Android apps are held. The Google Play Store has a great interface, similar to the App Store. Finding apps there is as simple as searching on the toolbar.

✔️ There are many different advantages to the Android operating system. Android supports expandable memory, which means you can add to your memory on your phone. It also supports the downloading of third-party widgets.

❌ The biggest disadvantage to consider of the Android operating system is that it has worse security than iOS. This means their virus protection isn’t as strong as Apple's, although it is still strong.

Best Betting Apps for Android

Sports Interaction
125% Welcome Bonus up to $250
First Bet Encore up to $1,000
Bwin Canada
100% Matched Deposit Up to $200

Top Betting Apps Features

One of the most important aspects of a betting app is the features that they offer bettors. There are a huge number of betting apps available to the average Canadian. For any operator to rise above as the best betting app Canada, they’re going to need a huge array of features. 

There are a lot of different kinds of features available on the typical betting app. Features are a unique way of using a sportsbook that they’ll have enabled. Every sportsbook has different features ingrained in them that give bettors new experiences and new ways to earn money.

Let’s look at some of the features that bettors should target when considering which Canadian sports betting app to utilize.

  • Live Betting: There are a lot of live betting sites out there that let users bet on games that are already underway. This is really important to be on an app because a big part of the appeal of an app is the ability to bet on the go. Live betting on mobile means bettors have limitless betting freedom.
  • Boosted Odds: Boosted Odds are a fun feature where sportsbooks enhance odds on a certain market to payout more to bettors if it hits. This is good for bettors that were already planning to bet on that market to earn extra money.
  • Parlay Builder: Parlay Builder is when sportsbooks enable bettors to create customizable parlays, including same-game parlays. This is a feature best for experience bettors that want to create their own parlay options.
  • Unique Payment Methods: Not every sportsbook will use the same payment methods. If a sportsbook enables transactions with unique options like cryptocurrency, PayPal, or Apple Pay, this is great for bettors.
  • Live Streaming: Live Streaming is when sportsbooks enable bettors to watch games live as they happen for certain events. This is an excellent option for mobile bettors, as you can bet and watch sports on your phone wherever you go.
  • Bet Feed: This is a fun feature, primarily on 888Sport, that shows bettors what other bets are being placed. Bettors can follow the action and see who other bettors are favoring from their phones. 

Mobile Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are a big reason many people choose to use sportsbooks. These are offers that incentivize users to take a certain kind of action or engage with a certain market. Many bettors enjoy using these throughout their sports betting experience, as sites will often have bonuses rotating throughout.

Every operator has different sports betting bonuses and different types of offers. If you’re wondering whether these bonuses can be accessed from your phone, the answer is yes. You can find the same bonus section in the mobile version as the desktop version for almost every operator. In fact, some operators will even provide bonuses specific to mobile users, like a mobile sign-in bonus that you get for downloading a sportsbook’s app.

There are many different kinds of bonuses the typical sportsbook offers. Let’s look at some of the kinds you can expect to find on any of the best Canadian betting apps.

  • Welcome Bonus: A Welcome Bonus is a bonus bettors get for signing up with a new sight and depositing for the first time. Typically, these come in the form of matched deposits up to a certain amount.
  • Free Bet: A Free Bet is a bonus where bettors will get a risk-free bet, where the winnings are paid out to their account. Typically, bettors will have to do something to receive these free bets.
  • VIP Program: A VIP Program is a long-running promotion where bettors will gain points and level up for betting and winning. These points and new levels can be exchanged for prizes.
  • Parlay Boosts: A Parlay Boost is a type of promotion where parlays with certain amounts of legs that win will receive boosted winnings of differing percentage amounts.
  • Reload Bonuses: Reload bonuses are where bettors will receive money or rewards for depositing in their account at certain times, even if it isn’t their first deposit.

All You Need to Know Before Downloading a Sports Betting App

There are a lot of things bettors need to take into consideration before downloading any online betting apps. While you can always delete an app, you should still weigh a few factors before you choose to download one.

  • One of the primary considerations is whether they cover the sports you like. If you download an app to do some basketball betting and they have no NBA betting markets, then maybe you downloaded the wrong app.
  • Two more things to think about are the features they have available and the security of the sportsbook. Features dictate how you use the app, and security is vital to ensuring your money and information are safe on a sportsbook.
  • Lastly, storage size is important if you are going to download an app. The average app storage size is 34.5 MB on iOS and 11.5 MB on Android. Keep that in mind before you download an app.

How to Download a Betting App?

Downloading a betting app shouldn’t be something that is difficult for the average bettor. For the most part, it is no different than getting any other app from the store that is compatible with your phone's operating system. However, there are a couple of wrinkles that add to this.

👉 Downloading an app from a sportsbook that has an official app available on the Google Play or App Store is easy and fast. You simply search for the name of the sportsbook on the app and tap the download button. The app will then download for about a minute and appear on your phone.

👉 There are also different ways of acquiring an app. Some sportsbooks don’t have mobile apps, but they have either an APK for Android or an embeddable, downloadable link that you can find on their website. The way to access these is to find the sportsbook in your mobile browser and tap on the Apple or Android icon. There’ll then be instructions for getting the app on your phone.

👉 Another solution is to add an app icon link from the mobile site to your phone’s home screen. To do this, visit the website in your phone’s browser, tap the square button with the air pointing up on your phone, and scroll to the Add to Home Screen message. This will then allow you to embed a link to that website on your phone’s screen.

Banking on a Betting App

We’ve told you about the top operators and what they add, and you’re probably wondering how to get started. Just because you are using a mobile phone doesn’t mean you can’t partake in every aspect of a sportsbook. Operators all include the ability for bettors to deposit to their account through their smartphones. This allows bettors to fully immerse themselves in the sports betting experience.

Banking with a new operator can make some bettors a little queasy, but you can trust that all the ones we’ve listed for you above are safe, legal, and will protect your banking information.

There are a lot of different ways to deposit and withdraw with an operator. It is dependent on what a sportsbook enables for its users.

Let’s look at some of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods mobile bettors will spot on the most popular sports betting apps:

  • Visa/MasterCard: This is the most popular type of transaction. Just about every sportsbook enables Visa and MasterCard transactions. Typically, they’ll hit accounts near instantly and require info like card numbers and more.
  • Interac: Interac is the preferred method of many Canadians. Interac transactions are fast and don’t require much information. They can easily be done from your phone.
  • E-Wallet: E-wallets are software that allows bettors to make transactions online. These are fast and more anonymous than banking. The one thing about these is that many sportsbooks make these types of transactions ineligible for certain bonuses.
  • Cryptocurrency: Crypto transactions are incredibly quick for both deposits and withdrawals. The decentralized nature of the currency means there aren’t other parties involved. However, most sportsbooks don’t accept crypto transactions.
  • Bank Transfer: A bank transfer is how many sportsbooks enable bettors to withdraw. These transactions tend to take several business days and require a lot of information, like routing and account numbers.

Sign up with A Sports Betting App

For bettors to deposit, they’re going to need to undergo the sign-up process. This can be done in a matter of minutes, either through the desktop or mobile version of an operator. Signing up requires information like your address and contact details. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes on any sportsbook.

How to Deposit on Betting Apps?

Depositing through your phone is a fast and seamless process. Here’s how bettors can do this:

  • Step One: Sign Up for the Operator of Their Choice
  • Step Two: Tap the Deposit Button
  • Step Three: Select Their Deposit Option
  • Step Four: Input How Much They Intend to Deposit and Their Deposit Details
  • Step Five: Confirm Payment and Enjoy Your Betting!

Sports to Bet with Canadian Betting Apps

Whether you love MLS betting, Tennis betting, or golf betting, the sports covered by a betting app are going to be important to know. Mobile betting allows you to bet from anywhere, live, with limitless freedom in your gambling experience. Having a large selection of sports to engage with is crucial.

Every sportsbook covers different sports and leagues, ranging from niche sports to the most popular games played in Canada. The best Canadian betting apps will cover a huge range of sports for bettors to pick from. MansionBet catered to a betting audience for years, so we know the games and leagues that bettors love.

 Let’s look at the main sports and leagues that every Canadian bettor would expect to find available.

NFL bettingAmerican Football: Canadians love football betting, particularly on the NFL. This includes mobile betting, where bettors can enjoy football Sundays from the bar or a friend’s house while placing bets throughout. Don’t forget NCAA football betting on Saturdays, either!

NHL bettingHockey: Ask any Canadian what sport represents the country, and you already know the answer. That is why hockey betting is so massive in our great nation, particularly on the NHL.

NBA bettingBasketball: Canada invented basketball, and our love for the game has endured throughout the years. That’s why you can find Canadians placing bets on NBA betting sites all year long, as well as NCAA basketball betting, particularly come March Madness.

MLB bettingBaseball: Baseball betting has been big for more than 100 years across North America. Naturally, most of that is on MLB betting, but some Canadian apps have odds on baseball leagues around the world.

UFC bettingCombat Sports: Combat sports have a lot of fans in Canada. This includes boxing and UFC betting. Live betting these wild events on an app is a surefire way to get bettors excited.

MLS bettingSoccer: Whether you are looking to do EPL betting, MLS betting or UCL betting, almost every sportsbook in the world is going to have odds available. All apps include soccer because it is the most popular game in the world.

Betting App Testimonials

Are you wondering what are the best sports betting apps? The answer to that question is complicated, but one of the best ways to find out is by looking at betting sites reviews. By checking the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, you can see what people think about the different sportsbooks. If you don’t have time for all that, we’ve got you covered.

We looked at a couple of bookmakers' ratings on the Apple App Store to see what Canadian users seem to think of some of the top operators around.

  • Betway: Betway has generally achieved pretty excellent reviews from its users, with a rating of 4.7 stars across more than 38,000 ratings. That is a great score for a gambling app. Users praise their customer service and smooth deposit and withdrawal process, although some complaint of difficulty getting money out of your account.
  • BetMGM: BetMGM similarly has overwhelmingly positive reviews. They have 4.7 Stars on the Apple App Store with nearly 2,500 reviews. Some bettors are dissatisfied with the withdrawal process, but the general gist of the response praises the many offers on the website and the enjoyability of their interface.
  • 888Sport: The responses to 888Sport are mostly strong, with 4.4 stars on 1,700 reviews. The one thing bettors seem to complain about is the welcome bonus. However, most people in the review section praise the app for its interface and fun features on it. Some even say it’s the best sports betting app they’ve used. 

Ratings & Reviews of the Best Sports Betting Apps

Betway Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have used many sportsbooks and apps, but Betway is my favorite. The best part for me is the 24/7 Live Chat, which is really convenient.

BetMGM: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great betting and gambling app. I liked all the free stuff and promotional offers, and overall the games are a ton of fun. Would recommend!

888Sport: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

One of the top betting apps. I found it easy to deposit and withdraw, and verification was a breeze. I don’t love their rewards program, but I really like the variety of betting markets to choose from.

Betting Apps Canada FAQs

Are Betting apps legal?

Yes! Betting apps are legal. There have been recent changes to the sports betting industry in Canada that have paved the way for more operators to enter the country. But even before then, betting apps were legal.

What is the most popular betting app?

There isn’t one betting app that is unquestionably more popular than the others. Some of the most popular include Sports Interaction, Betway, and 888Sport. 

How do betting apps work?

Betting apps are downloadable versions of a sportsbook that bettors can add to their phones. These allow bettors to do everything from place bets to deposits. They are mobile versions of an operator that provide the same experience as the desktop but are condensed to a phone.

Where can I find betting apps?

Depending on what smartphone you are using. For iPhone users, apps are typically found on the Apple App Store. For Android users, they are typically found on the Google Play Store.

Do all sportsbooks have sports betting apps?

No. Not every sportsbook will have apps available to Canadian users. However, more are adding apps every day. But most sportsbooks don’t provide an app to users.

Cameron Kozinets is a writer and digital gambling expert from Ontario. He's an experienced sports bettor that has been betting and following the sports betting industry since he was of legal betting age.