The Most Weird and Wonderful Sports the UK has to Offer

Lawn Mower racing is among a whole host of niche sports that take place regularly in the UK.

Lawnmower racing

A number of the world’s most popular sports were founded in the United Kingdom, with the origins for the likes of football, cricket and golf all being traced back to British shores, but there are also some slightly more niche and outright weird sports that take place throughout the country every year.

For most people, the chances of winning Wimbledon or lifting the World Cup have long passed, but do not fear, as there are plenty of other sports played in the UK that anyone can take part in and you could even become a world champion in one of these events!

Below we have broken down some of the weirdest sports that you may just want to try your hand at in the future.

Bog Snorkelling – Need We Say More?

If you are thinking the sport of bog snorkelling can’t be a literal translation of what you do, then you’d be wrong.

The aim of this sport is to swim two lengths of a bog, equipped with a snorkel and fins, with the person who records the fastest time being declared the winner.

The Bog Snorkelling World Championships have taken place for the last 35 years in the dense Welsh area, Waen Rhydd, with a man called Neil Rutter having won the last three editions of the race.

Lawn Mowers Aren’t Just for Cutting Grass…Apparently

Fans of motorsport may be interested to know that lawnmower racing has taken place in the UK since the 1970s and it is a fully formed professional sport run by the British Lawn Mower Racing Association.

It is a sport that has both British and World Championships, as well as a 12- hour Endurance Race, presumably based loosely on the 24 Hours of Le Mans race that takes place every year in France.

Over the years the sport has attracted a number of illustrious competitors, including former Formula One star Sir Stirling Moss, as well as actor Oliver Reed and former England cricketer Phil Tufnell.

Black Pudding Throwing is a Thing

Forget about bats and balls or boots and racquets, apparently the only tools you need to be a sportsman are a black pudding and some Yorkshire Puddings.

That is certainly the case if you want to get involved in the World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, which takes place in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester every September.

The aim of the sport is to throw a black pudding at a plinth topped with Yorkshire puddings, with the idea being to knock down as many as possible in what can only be described as food-related bowling.

Local legend suggests the origins of the sport dates back to the War of the Roses, with the current competition having been ongoing since the 1980s. Tom Lowden is the holder of the prestigious world title.

Welly Wanging Anyone?

Of course, there are many other weird and wonderful sports being played up and down the UK, with honourable mentions having to go to Welly Wanging, Egg Throwing, Toe Wrestling and Stinging Nettle Eating.

These sports are not for everyone, but they all seemingly continue to thrive and it is always nice to be known as a world champion, no matter what that may be in!

Chris is broadcast and written journalist with a wealth of experience, across a number of different sports. As well covering football on the radio, he is a regular online and print contributor on the likes of rugby union, American Football and Formula One.
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