French Open


The French Open – also known as the Roland-Garros – is one of the four tennis Majors and is held every year in late May. This is the biggest clay tennis tournament in the world and is the second of the Grand Slam tournaments on the calendar, held after the Australian Open and before Wimbledon.

The French Open was originally known as the ‘French Championship’, and this tournament ran from 1891 to 1967. When professional players were allowed to compete in 1968 it became the French Open.

Rafael Nadal has dominated the French Open in recent years, winning the tournament a record 14 times. Bjorn Borg is next with six French Open titles, and Max Decugis from France has claimed the most ‘French Championship’ victories with eight wins in the early 1900s. Chris Evert has won the most women’s French Open titles with seven, followed by Steffi Graf, who has been successful on six occasions.

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