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Betting Made Simple: Guide to Sports Betting

Sports betting has boomed over recent years with punters spoiled for choice over the sports they can bet on and the number of markets available.

But as with most things in life a little guidance can go a long way, and hopefully this guide will equip you with some of the tools required to make betting on sport both fun and profitable.

At MansionBet, we believe in the concept of Betting Made Simple, and our beginner’s guide to sports betting is aimed at simplifying the art of betting online.

This guide also explains the different odds available and looks at some of the most popular bets you can have. Our experts are here to help with detailed and fascinating insights into how to make betting work for you in a number of different sports.

Beginners’ Guide to Online Sports Betting

Once you’ve opened an account and made a deposit, placing a bet couldn’t be easier.

It might seem daunting at first – all those names and numbers, menus here, links there – but at MansionBet, our watchwords are Betting Made Simple, and we want your betting journey to be an enjoyable one.

There are thousands upon thousands of sports bets to be had on our platforms on any given day, but this chapter aims to make having the one bet you want, easy.

We’ll show you how to navigate all the way through from picking your sport to hitting ‘Place Bet’. It’s a lot less daunting than you might think!

Different Types of Betting Odds

Bookmakers have three ways of showing odds – fractional, decimal or American.

A fractional price – for example, 7/2 – equates to betting £2 to win £7. In decimal terms, that would read 4.50. It’s exactly the same price. The American Moneyline for those odds would read +350.

Three different representations of exactly the same odds, and all three options are available to MansionBet clients via a link at the head of each page.

In this chapter we explain the origins and the benefits of each type of betting odds.

Outright Betting

We all like to think we can pick the winner of the Premier League, Wimbledon, the US Masters or the Formula One season, before those competitions have even started. But what are the pros and cons of taking an early view on a named sports event?

Each-way Betting

Got a fancy in a market that offers places – but aren’t entirely confident? The each-way bet is the friend of many a punter, especially in big-field events with plenty of competitors, where they know they’ll be paid out if their selection is merely ‘placed’. Here’s how it works.

Accumulator Bets

I’m sure we’ve all heard of a punter who struck it rich when a speculative eight-team accumulator came good – but we don’t hear about them very often! Picking one winner can be hard enough, picking four or more harder still. Here’s our guide to the world of the ‘acca’.

Handicap Betting

You fancy England to win a rugby match – but they are being quoted at odds of 1-40. Not very tempting, is it? That’s where handicap betting can come to your rescue. Find out how giving selections a virtual start or a virtual deficit can make any market competitive.

Forecast & Tricast Betting

Predicting the winner of a golf tournament, for example, can be challenging enough, but what about if you fancy you can pick the runner-up and the person finishing third? Here we explain the difference between straight and reverse forecasts and also tricasts.

Yankee Bets

The Yankee bet, rumoured to be named after an American soldier who struck gold with a bet that involved any number of multiples, remains popular to this day. But, just how do you get 11 different bets out of four selections, and what are the benefits? Let us explain.

Lucky 15 Bets

The staple pre-season bet of thousands of football punters wanting to have an accumulator on the four English divisions, knowing they’ll strike it rich if all four win. It’s been a favourite bet of punters for years, and here we explain when and where the Lucky 15 might be the bet for you.

Heinz and Super Heinz Bets

It might seem like an odd name for a bet, but if you know your tomato ketchup you’ll know about Heinz’s 57 varieties – and that’s what we’re dealing with here. The Heinz has 57 bets, the Super Heinz has 120. Discover more about both of these ambitious and potentially life-changing wagers.

Sports Betting Glossary

There’s a whole new language out there in the world of sports betting, but you can avoid trouble with your trebles, stop being at sixes and sevens with your 5/4s and have no need to feel handicapped if you spend a few minutes reading our helpful glossary.

History of Sports Betting

Sports betting has been around for as long as sport has been played. The Ancient Greeks used to bet on sports, the Romans too, and that appetite for sports betting has been part of our culture ever since. But, as this chapter discovers, it was the dawn of the internet which saw the industry truly explode.

Online Sports Betting

Knowing sport is one thing – knowing how to bet on it is another science altogether. Handily, our experts, well-versed in the art of betting on everything from eSports to real sports, are here with stacks of good advice to make your betting journey an enjoyable one.

Here are some of the sports betting guides you will find on the blog:

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