How to Make a Lucky 15 Bet

One of the most popular bets across horse racing, greyhounds and sports betting is a Lucky 15, and we will show you exactly how to place this wager in our betting guide.

Johnny Drama wins at York racing.

The wager takes its name from the number of bets involved. Clearly, that’s 15, and there are four selections needed to form the bet. You can guarantee 15 bets in a Lucky 15, but you can’t always be sure that they will be lucky ones.

What is a Lucky 15?

A lucky 15 is a multiple bet and a way to combine a quartet of selections. The wager is broken down as follows: four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator. In order to gain a return, punters need just one selection to oblige, and bookmakers will offer bonuses including double or treble the odds for just a single winner.

A 10p lucky 15 would mean a total stake of £1.50. Each-way Lucky 15s are also popular, especially on horse racing, and it’s a way to combine four fancies on the day’s action. An each-way Lucky 15 is placed the same way as a win wager, with the only difference being that the number of bets increases to 30.

How to Place a Lucky 15 Bet

Bookmakers have multiple sections built into their bet slips, so there is no need to stake the singles, doubles, trebles and a four-fold individually. Simply add your four selections to the bet slip and you will be able to select the Lucky 15 option. This is usually found under the multiples tab or drop down.

Lucky 15s can be combined across all sports on matches, outright markets, races or whatever markets punters desire.

Difference Between Lucky 15 & Other Multiple Bets

A yankee bet is similar to a Lucky 15 in that it combines four selections into doubles, trebles and a four-fold. The big difference between a lucky 15 and a yankee and other multiple wagers, is that it includes singles.

There are wagers such as Lucky 31 and Lucky 63 which involve 31 and 63 bets, but they require five or six selections and a four-pick punt is more attainable.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Lucky 15 Bets

One of the main plus points to betting Lucky 15s is they give a return if just a single selection obliges. Clearly, that is going to need to be a decent price to cover the stake, but it still pays if only one pick wins.

Another advantage is that not all selections need to win to secure a decent return. If two or three picks are successful a healthy profit can be returned, and when betting each-way, it’s possible to land a nice profit with the four selections just making the frame.

However, with a Lucky 15 you are splitting your stake across a number of bets and therefore it can diminish the returns.

If you placed a 10p Lucky 15 it would total a £1.50 stake. If all four selections were to win, the returns would be far lower than if a straight £1.50 accumulator was placed.

The singles aspect of the bet also need consideration. If the four selections are all priced at around 20-1, 25-1, 33-1 or 50-1 then clearly a single win is going to produce a nice return.

However, if they are odds-on shots, the singles almost become a wasted part of the bet, given the small returns they are likely to bring. Punters should consider if the single part of the bet is worth the increased stake.

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