The 5 Worst Dives in Premier League History

Diving is seemingly here to stay in the Premier League and here is a look back on some noteworthy efforts of the past.

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The Premier League provides us with plenty of world class entertainment when it comes to goals, saves and all-round quality, but diving is unfortunately also a regular feature.

Whether it is to win a penalty or get an opponent into trouble, diving has always been a problem in the Premier League and we have taken a look at some of the worst and perhaps best examples of simulation since the top-flight was restructured into its current format back in 1992.

1 – Louis Van Gaal

Perhaps the most iconic dive in Premier League history didn’t even come from a player, instead it was then Manchester United boss Van Gaal, who was left outraged by the antics of Arsenal players during his side’s 3-2 victory over the Gunners at Old Trafford back in February 2016.

One particular fall from future United player Alexis Sanchez left the Dutchman incensed and he responded by turning to fourth official Mike Dean and diving to the floor in an attempt to show exactly what the Gunners were up to.

It was rare moment of joy for United supporters during Van Gaal’s largely forgettable spell as manager, although that match is also memorable for Marcus Rashford scoring his first two Premier League goals for the club

2 – Jurgen Klinsmann

Tottenham pulled off something of a coup when they signed German World Cup winner Klinsmann back in the summer of 1994, although his arrival was also met with derision in some quarters, as the then 30-year-old had a reputation for being a diver.

Klinsmann was all too aware of this belief and he used it to his advantage in both comical and memorable fashion, as he celebrated scoring on his debut against Sheffield Wednesday with a dive to mimic his reputation, an action that went a long way to endearing him to supporters up and down the country.

Of course, Klinsmann was much more than just a diver and he scored an impressive 20 Premier League goals in his one full season with what was a very average Spurs side.

3 – Luis Suarez

Another player with a big reputation for simulation (among other things) was Uruguay forward Suarez, with the situation particularly coming to the fore in October 2012.

First of all, at the start of that month, Suarez was ridiculed for his failed attempts to win a penalty when stumbling to the floor during his side’s 0-0 draw with Stoke at Anfield.

The Uruguayan was probably left seething by that criticism, which most notably came from then Everton boss David Moyes, who said divers like Suarez were putting fans off the English game.

Suarez then seized his opportunity to get revenge on Moyes and the rest of his critics when he scored in Liverpool’s 2-2 Merseyside derby draw at Goodison Park at the end of October.

The then 25-year-old celebrated the goal by running over to the Everton dugout and diving at the feet of Moyes and the rest of the home side’s coaching team.

4 – Morten Gamst Pedersen

Former Norway international Pedersen is something of a cult hero at Blackburn following nine successful years with the club between 2004-13, with the winger holding a reputation for having a rocket of a left foot.

Pedersen also rarely courted controversy, but that was not the case in 2009 when he quite possibly produced the worst dive of all time against Arsenal.

The winger was being chased by Gunners defender Bacary Sagna in the penalty area and he even glanced over his shoulder to see that the Frenchman was a good two yards away from him.

However, despite the fact you could have almost got a bus between the two players, Pedersen still took the opportunity to try and win a penalty, thankfully and for the good of the game, he was not successful.

5 – Chico Flores

Former Swansea player Flores was a 6ft 2in no nonsense central defender, but you would not have guessed it by the way he through himself to the floor during a tussle with West Ham forward Carlton Cole back in 2013.

No one was particularly believing Flores was hurt, particularly then Hammers boss Sam Allardyce, who was in close proximity to the incident and can be seen laughing at the Spaniard, who immediately jumped to his feet to confront the former Bolton boss.

Yes, nobody wants to be laughed at, but Flores’ response was seemingly not that of a person who was in as much pain as he had been initially suggesting.

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