Best of Darren Farley: Wayne’s World!

Funnyman Darren Farley takes aim at England legend Wayne Rooney in today's collection of video highlights!

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Hilarious football impressionist Darren Farley has come out with many incredible impressions over the years, but there’s definitely some fan favourites out there.

One of these has to be Wayne Rooney, whose time as a footballer has led to moments which are just asking to be parodied!

Find some of Darren’s best videos below of Wayne Rooney, including with the famous American football-style helmet he wears!

Rooney Settles in at DC United

Back in 2018, Wayne left boyhood club Everton for a second time to travel across the pond to play in the MLS.

As he says, it was a great “opporportunity”, although it seems he’s needing reassurances on the language barrier…

Rooney plays Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Wayne sat into the pressure seat to play for £1 million in the popular gameshow, but he has to get past the first tough question.

Can the audience and long-time friend David Beckham help him take on the huge obstacle that is the first question?

Self-Isolation Vlog

Back in March, like everyone else, Wayne found himself in isolation and in the need of something to do, so decided to vlog what he’s been up to.

He was struggling at first, and we really hope Coleen’s let him out of his bedroom…

Want to see more? Check out Darren Farley’s impressions of Premier League managers!

Darren Farley is the UK’s best football impressionist, and you can see his best videos right here on the MansionBet blog.
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