Best of Darren Farley: Captain Kane

The UK's foremost football impressionist takes on Harry Kane.

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Legendary football joker Darren Farley has delivered us with some hilarious scenes in recent years, with England captain and Spurs’ star man Harry Kane often leaving us in stitches.

Yeah obviously, it’s now time to take a look at 3 of our favourites, obviously.

Harry Kane on trying to leave Spurs

Make no mistakes, Harry Kane is one of the best strikes on the planet, but he currently has no trophies to his name, excluding the prestigious Audi Cup of course.

In this exclusive interview, we learn that he’s been trying to wiggle his way out of North London for some time, but that sneaky chairman Daniel Levy keeps tricking him in to staying.

Harry Kane learns that José Mourinho is the new Spurs Head Coach

Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium had been on the cards for some time in Autumn 2019, however the arrival of Jose Mourinho took us all by surprise.

No one more so than Kane, who learns about The Special One’s in a quick phone call with the overlord Levy.

Harry Kane recreates controversial goal vs Stoke

Cast your mind back to April 2018 when Harry Kane was adamant that he got a touch on Christian Eriksen’s free kick.

Well now, Kane has kindly recreated the very moment so you can see *AS CLEAR AS DAY* that he definitely, 100 percent, yeah obviously got a touch on that ball.

Want more Darren Farley? Here’s his take on England and United legend Wayne Rooney.

Darren Farley is the UK’s best football impressionist, and you can see his best videos right here on the MansionBet blog.
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