FIFA Sets the Benchmark for Sports Gaming

We take a look at the five best sport-themed video games there has ever been.

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Like all technology, gaming consoles have continued to adapt over the last 20 years and the days of Nintendo NES and Sega MegaDrive are a thing of the past.

The current market is dominated by Microsoft’s Xbox One X console, or Sony’s Playstation 5, but gamers have not always had it this good.

The years of poor graphics and iffy gameplay are long forgotten, and for sports fans, there has been some timeless classics when it comes to video games.

Rather than discuss individual titles, as we will be here until next year, we take a look at the best sporting series, and we apologise now to any fans of cricket, ice hockey and boxing.

They just didn’t make the cut!

FIFA Series

The don of football gaming in a nutshell. If you ask anyone the most famous football game, then it would come as a shock if they did not say FIFA. EA Sports produce the series and have done since 1993, and the fanbase continues to grow around the world.

EA Sports have now produced 28 games, and the FIFA games will go down in history, with so many features now packed into each title. “Be a Pro” mode revolutionised the game in 2010, while online modes have enhanced the experience for users.

Pro Evolution Soccer was a real hit in the early 2000s, but FIFA continues to reign as the greatest football game of all time.

Madden Series

EA Sports dominate the world of football gaming, and they also have the bragging rights for American Football titles too.

Madden started way back in 1988, and the difference in graphics quality is jaw-droppingly good. American Football is the most popular sport in the USA, so EA Sports have nailed it with their target audience. The games have become a little samey in recent years, but there has been no long-term competitor during the last 15 years.

Users can control their own player and team, while they can also feel what it’s like to become an owner, with gamers able to set concession prices and build a stadium for the future.

PGA Tour Golf

If it isn’t obvious by now, then EA Sports rule the roost when it comes to sports gaming. Their PGA Tour golf series has yet to be beaten by another golf title.

In 1998, they launched their first title with Tiger Wood as their cover star. PGA Tour brought in over $770million between 1999 and 2013 before Woods was replaced by Rory McIlroy.

Users can control every shot, play against some of the best players in the world and also tackle the most picturesque courses around the globe; what’s not to like?

Wii Sports

Some may find this controversial, but Nintendo’s Wii Sports gets a place in our top five due to the fun factor.

Yes, the graphics are not as good as rival consoles, but all the family can have fun across a variety of different sports.

Well, we say fun, but it’s also incredibly frustrating to lose to someone much younger than you at tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing.

However, rather than lounge around, Wii Sports got users up and moving, and it’s certainly a series that will be remembered forever.

NBA 2K Series

EA Sports do have some serious competition when it comes to their basketball games, with 2K Sports hugely successful in that area.

Gamers have been able to test their skills on the court since 1999, and NBA 2K games seem to have a little more attention to detail.

NBA 2K11 is widely regarded as the best basketball game of all time, while the 2021 title allows users to control and manage a created player’s career right through from college to the NBA.

*All odds correct at time of writing.

Tom is a fantasy football fanatic who brings years of experience to bear when it comes to picking the best FPL players every week. Back in the real world of sports, Tom offers a strong insight into football and rugby league, whilst also having a good knowledge of several other sports including boxing, horse racing and American Football.
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