The 5 Greatest Catches in Super Bowl History

We look back at some of the most incredible catches ever made in the Super Bowl, the biggest single event in the American sporting calendar.

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They say that history is written by the winners, and for that reason, I am not including some amazing catches by players who finished on the losing side during the Super Bowl. Apologies to Julio Jones and Jermaine Kearse, to name but two of those unlucky losers.

Instead we have focused on incredible catches which often-times turned the tide in favour of the winning team. See if you agree with our choices:

5. Lynn Swan: Steelers v Cowboys, Super Bowl X

Lynn Swann became the first wide-receiver to be named Super Bowl MVP after a stunning performance, which included this incredible circus catch for 64 yards. Legendary QB Terry Bradshaw launched a howitzer from near his own goal line, and Swann’s catch set up the Steelers on their way to their second Super Bowl triumph.

4. Nick Foles: Eagles v Patriots, Super Bowl LII

This throw and catch may suffer by comparison to others on the list in terms of quality, but for sheer novelty value it is hard to top. Coach Doug Peterson decided that fourth-and-goal in the Super Bowl versus the Patriots was just the moment to unleash a trick play. Running back Corey Clement took the snap, pitching the ball to Trey Burton, who found QB Foles in the end-zone for what would come to be known as the ‘Philly Special’,

3. Santonio Holmes: Steelers v Cardinals, Super Bowl XLIII

The Steelers captured their sixth Lombardi trophy when they edged out Arizona in a squeaker, scoring the winning TD with just 35 seconds left on the clock. The heroic player in black and yellow this time around was Santonio Holmes, whose incredible toe-tapping grab in the end-zone won Super Bowl XLIII for the Steelers against the unfortunate Cardinals.

2. Julian Edelman: Patriots v Falcons, Super Bowl LI

The New England Patriots share the record of six Super Bowl victories with the Steelers, so it’s only right that they make an appearance (as winners) on this list. Fans of the Atlanta Falcons won’t need reminding that this logic-defying catch by wide receiver Edelman turned the tide in this game, the Pats going on to overcome the largest deficit in Super Bowl history to claim yet another Vince Lombardi trophy.

1. David Tyree: Giants v Patriots, Super Bowl XLVI

The ‘Helmet Catch’ will surely go down in history as one of the most incredible plays made in any Super Bowl. Once again Patriots were on the wrong side of an amazing play in the big game, when David Tyree somehow managed to come down with the ball after a hopeful spiral from Eli Manning. Tyree went up and grabbed it under immense pressure, and somehow managed to maintain control by pinning the ball to his helmet with one hand.

Every Super Bowl throws up some huge plays, but it will certainly be difficult to crack this top five of unbelievable grabs!

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Ross O’Connor is an experienced sports writer with a particular interest in the NFL, pro boxing and football. He has written for numerous online and print publications on sports and a variety of other topics.
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