5 Shortest NFL Games

With the upcoming Super Bowl set to be a stamina test for all viewers, we look at the other end of the scale and the five shortest NFL matches in history

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With Super Bowl LVII taking place at State Farm Stadium this weekend, we have looked at the five shortest games in NFL history.

Based on past years, the average time an NFL game usually lasts is just shy of four hours, although this can vary depending on a number of factors throughout the contest.

Super Bowl XLVII holds the record for the longest match in history at four hours and 14 minutes, with the Baltimore Ravens edging out the San Francisco 49ers, but we are looking at the other end of the spectrum for the shortest encounters.

5. Miami Dolphins 0 Pittsburgh Steelers 3 – 2 hours 35 minutes

The 2007 Monday Night clash between the Miami Dolphins and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Acrisure Stadium is remembered for many reasons, including the fact it only lasted two hours 35 minutes.

Kick-off was delayed by 25 minutes due to bad weather, and the pitch turned into a mud bath in certain sections, which was a major factor as to why there were just three points scored in total.

4. Tennessee Titans 7 Pittsburgh Steelers 34 – 2 hours 35 minutes

Clocking in at precisely the same time of two hours 35 minutes is the 2005 contest between, once again, the Steelers and the Tennessee Titans.

This was on the opening week of the NFL season, and it proved to be the perfect start for Pittsburgh, who would eventually go all the way to Super Bowl XL and beat Seattle 21-10.

3. Atlanta Falcons 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37 – 2 hours 34 minutes

Coming in at number three is the 2007 meeting between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium, which lasted two hours and 34 minutes.

It was a dominant performance from the Bucs, and it also proved to be a record-breaking night for them. Micheal Spurlock returned a kick-off for a touchdown, breaking a streak of 32 seasons without achieving this feat.

2. Tennessee Titans 0 Indianapolis Colts 23 – 2 hours 33 minutes

Just falling shy of the all-time record of the shortest-ever game is the 2008 contest between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Colts ended their regular season in fine fashion, shutting out the Titans in a game where Peyton Manning reached 4,000 yards for the campaign, and Marvin Harrison became the NFL’s No. 2 all-time receiver at the time.

1. San Diego Chargers 26 Indianapolis Colts 19 – 2 hours 29 minutes

You have to go back to 1996 to find the shortest game in NFL history, with the San Diego Chargers’ trip to the Indianapolis Colts lasting just two hours and 29 minutes.

It was not a game to remember for Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh, who was intercepted four times and sacked six times. At least he didn’t have to endure this for a long time.

This match is also the highest-scoring of the shortest NFL games.

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