MansionBet Verification Policy

As a trusted betting website in a highly regulated industry, verifying a customer’s account in a secure and confidential way is a really important part of dealing with new customers. The first part of this process is when you register and supply your personal information in our secure registration page. We are then required to verify the information provided so that we can be satisfied that we have accurately verified the identity of a customer – primarily the name, date of birth and current address. We also need to confirm that a customer is the authorised user of a bank account or payment method. Please note that in the unlikely situation where you request a withdrawal of funds from your MansionBet account before having completed account verification, you will be required to be ID verified before the withdrawal can be processed. Please also note that you will only have to verify your account and submit your identity documents the one time, if your identity documents have expired since submitting them to us or you have been a valued customer for more than 2 years, you may be required to re-submit these in line with UK Anti-Money Laundering Regulation requirements and we will contact you to discuss. If this is not the case, you should not be asked to share these documents with us again.

Account Verification

The most common way to verify customer identity is through submission of your ID documents. In order to do so, we will require the following forms of identification in colour copy only.

These should be scanned or digitally photographed and sent via My account – Documents upload or email to Please ensure that each document is a clear copy of the original, with no alterations and showing the relevant stamp of authenticity.

Acceptable file types are jpeg and png. We also accept original pdf files, e.g. bank statements or utility bills. Expired or damaged documents will not be accepted. Please note your email cannot exceed 10MB.

Valid Photographic ID

We accept the following forms of photographic ID, provided the signature, name, photograph and edges of the document are clearly visible. You can click on the below options to view an example of each:

Credit Card

We require a clear copy of the front of the card that you use to fund your account, with the edges visible. The first 6 and last 4 digits of your long credit card number are required. The remaining digits can be hidden. If you use more than one card to fund your account, you may be asked to supply copies for the additional cards as well.

You can find an example of this by clicking here.

Please note, a recent card statement dated in the last 3 months may be provided as an alternative option, but only if the credit card itself is not available.

Proof of address

Part of this process involves verifying your address. If so, this can be done using either a utility bill, credit card bill or bank statement. Please note: we cannot accept phone bills as proof of address. The document must be dated in the last 3 months and we must be able to see, the full document, be clearly legible, with all edges of the paper visible.

It can take up to 48 hours to process your documents and update your account.

For your own security and convenience, we recommend that you email your documents to us. However, you may also post these using the details below:

  • Post: MANSIONBET MEMBER SERVICES, PO Box 1240, Gibraltar

Please note that, under certain circumstances and in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, additional documentation may be required, such as confirmation of deposits, a bank reference, source of wealth evidence, etc. The provision of these documents will be at your own cost, and they may need to be sent to our postal address.

Privacy policy last updated: 11/02/2020